Pipe bombs found near campus

Just before 9:45 a.m. Thursday, a man walking his dog through Memorial Park discovered a PVC pipe bomb in the creek and promptly called the Omaha Police Department to report it. Upon inspection, bomb technicians determined it wasn't just a pipe bomb.
It was a pipe bomb inside of a pipe bomb inside of another pipe bomb.

Forum on how to get ahead of college debt, personal finance to be held...

By Susan Payne, Advertising Manager To help students learn how to prevent and get rid of college debt, Marco LeRoc & Co. will hold a free forum on...

Budget cuts hit home

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds delivered a presentation at an on-campus open forum Friday concerning the upcoming $58 million budget cuts. Bound’s...

UNO students head to Bellevue to aid in post-storm cleanup

Photos by Megan Wade/The Gateway Sophie Ford Editor-in-Chief After powerful straight-line winds and multiple tornadoes hit the area on June 16, many parts of Omaha and the surrounding...

Conference teaches business side of public relations

We are a generation of creators. We are a world of sharers. And more than ever we walk amongst entrepreneurs. The Internet and social media are still budding entities, but they have already inspired us in ways that have helped people embody more of these qualities.

DACA’s affect on UNO “Dreamers”

Grant Sobetski CONTRIBUTOR In the face of the possible impending termination of DACA, NU President Hank Bounds released a statement Sept. 5, 2017 in support of...

Massive MIP arrests at Omaha party

Twenty-six minors received an unwelcome surprise Friday night, when Omaha Police responded to a disturance call reporting at 2211 Maple Street and cited all 26 for minor in possession of alcohol.

Local independent film festival to highlight petroleum crisis

The power of the film "A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash" is fueled by the visions of director Basil Gelpke and producer Ray McCormack as they explore the global peak in petroleum production through data, predictions and key historical facts. From producing clean tap water to driving to work, petroleum is seen as the fuel of the modern human race. It's a relevant film, considering the recent BP oil spill that ravished much of the Gulf of Mexico and the world's dependency on petroleum.