Students receive once in a lifetime study abroad opportunity

Zach Griffith and Hannah Gill have no words to properly express their excitement. Griffith and Gill are two of 16 students who received scholarships from the University of Nebraska system to study abroad in India this summer.
Participants will study in Mumbai and Jalgaon from late June to early July. The trip, India Critical Issues, focuses on India's development. Topics to be studied include food and water sustainability, entrepreneurship, public health, education and urbanization.

New travel ban affects UNO community

Grant Sobetski CONTRIBUTOR In a statement on Sept. 24, 2017, the Trump administration announced a newly revised travel ban, which will affect members of the UNO...

Close to home: Immigration ban affects UNO

Charlotte Reilly CONTRIBUTOR Following in the footsteps of several other universities, University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds sent out a university-wide letter in response to President...

Iraq: 10 years later

Most remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent invasion of Iraq. But in the 10 years since, there hasn't been much news about Iraq.

Ebola-infected doctor treated at UNMC

By Nithya Rajagopalan, Copy Editor ​On Aug. 5, the third American victim of the Ebola virus arrived at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in...

From Milan to Omaha

Martina Saltamacchia stumbled into the study of history. Since starting out in Milan, her career has been on the fast track. It brought her to UNO where she hopes to find a permanent home for her professional career.

Paris climate change summit

By Trent Ostrom CONTRIBUTOR The “United Nations Conference on Climate Change” held in Paris, France focused on how countries can negotiate plans with each other to...

International Studies offices to host second Study Abroad Fair

By Stefan Snijders, Contributor The International Studies offices will host a Study Abroad Fair onJan. 28 from 10 a.m. until 2 Criss Library. It will...