Murphy rips hole in space-time continuum

***All stories published in this week’s Gateway are satirical and should be treated as such. None of the stories printed are factual and do not...

Let the music festival season begin

Summer is approaching fast, and many of us are thinking about what we're going to do, where we're going to go, what shows we're going to see, where and when are we going to work, and how much booze we may or may not imbibe. One of the most exciting things to think about is all the music festivals that will be happening. Not so exciting, however, is thinking of how to pay for them.

Fuel up like Team USA

(Family Features) U.S. Olympic athletes know what it takes to build a champion: a lifetime of determination and training, countless competitions and...

Streep shines in ‘The Iron Lady’

There are many films about famous people, from 1995's "Truman," to 2011's "The King's Speech." Famous people are often fodder for our film imaginations. This latest biopic is no different.

The Results are in!

Results for student government election proved a solid victory for Devin Bertelsen, PR/Advertising major and Shawn Addison, Business Management, after a close vote outcome Tuesday evening. Following a brief delay, votes for the 2012-2013 student regent were announced. Bertelsen and Addison won against Steffanie Hoffman, Biotechnology and Neuroscience major and Tyler Gatrost, Business major, by a close vote of 287 to 382 votes. Total voter turnout was 657 votes.

UNO Theatre to present ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’

"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," UNO's next theatre production previewing this week, is directed by graduate student Mark Schnitzler. Schnitzler is the theatre director at Scutt Catholic High School, where he's been teaching for 18 years. The production is part of Schnitzler's graduate thesis project.

Bands and Jams Bring a Concert to Close the Summer

Hullabaloo Music and Camping Festival helps close a successful season of summer concerts. 

‘Black Mirror’ Netflix releases special episode, announces third season

Kelly Langin ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Netflix recently released Black Mirror’s seventh episode, a Christmas special with three intertwining stories in one episode. Released in England...