Mynabirds stunning in latest album, ‘Generals’


Laura Burhenn of the local band the Mynabirds isn't messing around in the band's sophomore album, "Generals." Burhenn is calling for a revolution on the politically charged pop album. 

Local nonprofit helps bring together arts and music community

The idea for Hear Nebraska (HN) is rooted in a bar in Lansing, Mich.  Angie Norman, co-founder of the online publication, came up with the idea of Hear Nebraska in 2010 while brainstorming ideas for her husband, Andrew Norman's, graduate thesis project. In January 2011, the official Hear Nebraska website went live.
"[HN] is mainly a nonprofit music website used to cultivate Nebraska's music and spread it worldwide, which is the ultimate goal," managing editor Michael Todd said.

UNO student William Danze releases debut album

Andrew Nelson CONTRIBUTOR University of Nebraska at Omaha student William Danze’s debut album, “Makin’ Sunshine,” hits streaming services later this month and is full of uplifting...

Muse’s ‘2nd Law’ a shining example of the musical eclectic

On September 28, 2012, English alternative rock band Muse released their album 2nd Law. With the rising popularity of the band's new single, "Madness," and their recent performances on shows like Saturday Night Live, Muse is quickly taking over the American music scene.
The sixth studio album release from the trio was to be "something radically different" from their previous albums, according to bassist Christopher Wolstenholme in an interview with UK magazine Karrang!
With the varying blend of genres, radically different it is.

Blue October loves Omaha, and Omaha loves Blue October

Photos by Jenna Hynek. Ben Helwig Contributor It’s a common phrase yelled by the lead singer during a concert: “WE LOVE YOU (Insert city here).” Well, when...

Andy Grammer coming to UNO

He is everything you might expect a true California boy to be: calm, funny, sincere and oozing "cool." Los Angeles born and New York raised, 29-year-old Andy Grammer has catapulted to fame through his cheeky melodies and highly relatable lyrics, but he is more that just another rising musician.

Wombats rock The Waiting Room lounge

Mina Davis CONTRIBUTOR Four years ago, The Wombats graced Omaha with their presence at the Slowdown to coincide with the release of their latest album, “The...

Farm Festival: A celebration of Blackstone District and its revival

Mina Davis CONTRIBUTOR With the Farnam Festival back for its second continuous year celebrating the Blackstone neighborhood, participants were able to experience the area on an...