The musical ensemble in the time of Corona

Jackson Piercy CONTRIBUTOR It’s been a trying year. A cataclysm of all the pretenses of Murphy's law laid to waste on all of our lives, affecting...

Drake’s latest draws lines, changes the rules

By Phil Brown, Reporter I may be overthinking this, but from the outset, Drake’s latest musical release is immediately intriguing. Drizzy released his 17-track collection of...

Why Amos Lee is possibly the best recording artist around

Amos Lee's new CD "Mission Bell" opens with a track called "El Camino" but unlike the song's namesake, there is virtually nothing tacky about this album.

The Waiting Room

Bobby Kreifels is a Waiting Room regular for a reason.

Skrillex sells out, moves show to Sokol Auditorium

Dubstep, a new sound taking over the music scene, is known for its intense, low frequencies and strong bass line.  Musical artists like Skrillex are using dubstep to create dynamic and inventive mixes and songs.


Lydia Loveless flawlessly mixes country and punk

The trio known as Lydia Loveless took over the Waiting Room Lounge Tuesday, Jan. 17 to play a unique mix of country and punk. Tickets were $8 and the doors opened at 9 p.m. Gerald Lee Jr. opened the show for Lydia Loveless.

Conor Oberst to headline free Omaha concert

The Omaha Performing Arts announced today that indie rock star Conor Oberst will headline the first-ever Holland Stages Festival on Oct. 17. The free...

Tare’s solo album a real downer

Avey Tare's first solo album isn't quite what you would expect out from a crucial member of Animal Collective. Then again, you never get what you'd expect from the genre-defying experimental group. For Tare's first album from the late 1990's, he recruited friend Noah Lennox (Panda Bear) to beat the drums.  Nine albums later, they are still creating music. Panda has gone on to record three solo albums with a fourth coming soon, including the highly acclaimed (and 2007's best) "Person Pitch." It's no wonder Tare finally decided to try it himself, and the final product is the challenging "Down There."