‘The Woman in Black’ brings back ‘old school horror’

"The Woman in Black," the new haunted house suspense film by director James Watkins, calls to mind classic horror films.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a young widower and father of a 4-year-old son who's facing a crushing depression. He's sent to a small village in the English countryside to go through the records of a deceased woman living at a run down manor surrounded by marsh land. When Kipps begins seeing a mysterious woman in black and children in the town start dying, he attempts to find the reason behind the strange phenomenon.

‘Green Room’ review: The kind of film that gets you excited about movies

Jeff Turner ONLINE REPORTER Green Room is a masterpiece, it has the sort of rawness and vision that is meant to announce the arrival of a...

Documentary follows real-life superheroes

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." This quote from Albert Einstein opens the documentary "Superheroes" and reflects the motivations of the film's subjects.

Film preview: “Manhunter”

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR “Manhunter” stands towering above as a masterpiece of tension and moody atmosphere. It is one of the earlier works of...

Hollywood legend shows us little-known history

It's not justice you're after - it's revenge," Fredrick Aiken (James McAvoy) tells Edwin Stanton (Kevin Kline) in "The Conspirator," director Robert Redford's latest film.

Martin Scorses’s Silence explores historical faith

Jeff Turner A&E EDITOR “Silence” is a film legendary director Martin Scorsese has been trying to get made since he read the book in 1989. In...

3-D brings ‘Jackass’ to new levels of disgusting

The "Jackass" crew returns to theaters for a third time, this time bringing 3-D to its TV spin-off.

When the idea of filming in 3-D was suggested, at first Johnny Knoxville and company were worried about adding such a completely new element to the film.

Hugh Jackman bares claws for the last time in “Logan”

Rob Carraher CONTRIBUTOR The superhero genre from a realism approach isn’t a new technique, but because of content, it is often hard to capture. Christopher Nolan...