‘Green Room’ review: The kind of film that gets you excited about movies

Jeff Turner ONLINE REPORTER Green Room is a masterpiece, it has the sort of rawness and vision that is meant to announce the arrival of a...

Seeing behind the curtain with “The Adjustment Bureau”

You don't have free will, only the appearance of free will," Thompson, the mysterious hat-wearing, fate-changing character tells David Norris in "The Adjustment Bureau," which opens March 11.

Warcraft: Film Review

Charles Turner CONTRIBUTOR “Adapted from a video game” seems like a kiss of death for your movie. That’s because it’s usually a kiss of death for...

Valley of the what?

If you've seen the 1967 film adaptation of Jacqueline Susann's "Valley of the Dolls," brace yourself for an even more rouge (and hilarious) parody at the SNAP!/Shelterbelt Theatre. The stage production, of the same name as the book and movie, follows the movie script almost entirely, with one obvious exception: cross-dressing. 

“Annihilation” does justice for the science-fiction and horror genres

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR “Annihilation,” based on the novel by the same name, is Hollywood’s latest take on science fiction horror. The genre is notorious for...

The Exorcist: A look back at the Halloween classic

Rob Carraher  CONTRIBUTOR Over the course of the past few weeks, Fox has been airing their take on William Blatty’s1971 novel, “The Exorcist.” Though this version isn’t...

Audiences embrace ‘The Lion King’ in 3D

"Hakuna Matata—what a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Matata—ain't no passing craze." As theaters filled up last weekend to celebrate the re-release of one of Disney's classic movies in 3D, it's clear "The Lion King" is also not a passing craze.

‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ better than the prequel

Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Watson return for a suspenseful new adventure in "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." Based on the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as detective Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law returns as his trusted colleague Dr. John Watson.