Music brought them together, success tore them apart

"Chico & Rita," showing at Film Streams, tells the tale of two people intertwined by a love for Cuban mambo and conga music.

Sausage Party fails to pass first wave of critique

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR I loved “This Is the End” I honestly did. It had this sort of raw creativity to it that made...

UNO’s filmmaking club to hold inaugural showcase of its first student films

By Phil Brown, Reporter Nebraska filmmakers and film lovers are carving out a place for themselves in Omaha. Established in 2005, the Omaha Film Festival has found success as...

Series offers enrichment and life lessons

Film Streams, together with the Natan and Hannah Schwab Center for Israeli and Jewish Studies at the University of Nebraska Omaha, is screening a film series which offers moviegoers an opportunity to increase their knowledge about Israel and learn valuable life lessons.

Pattinson stuns in ‘Water for Elephants’

Robert Pattinson proves he is more than just a sparkly bloodsucker in his latest film, "Water for Elephants." Outshining two Oscar winners in most of his scenes, Pattinson delivers with passion and intensity absent from the "Twilight" films.

‘Like Crazy’ bares soul for its audience, promises an honest love story

"Like Crazy," directed by Drake Doremus, is a film about two college students, Anna and Jacob, who live in Los Angeles and eventually become a couple. Anna is a British exchange student who overstays her visa after it expires on graduation. She must return home to London, but when she flies back to Los Angeles, she is turned away by customs officials, throwing Anna and Jacob into a long distance relationship.

Cinema blast: Gateway’s best films of 2016

Jeff Turner SENIOR STAFF WRITER 10. Swiss Army Man “Swiss Army Man,” the directorial debut of the duo Daniels, uses so many tropes and throws so many...

The boy wizard who changed my life

It's been eight years, and I still haven't received my letter.

Hagrid, if you read this, Katerina Marcotte is still waiting. You are welcome to burst into her house at any time.

I've had a good 12 years of preparation, though. Jumping off beds with broomsticks firmly between my knees, attempting to fashion a wand out of yard waste and crafting a Hedwig costume out of feathers and stapled-together pieces of printer paper have surely proved good witch practice.