Contemporary paintings reflections of modern and classical art

Modern and historical references combine for dramatic contrast in Hardcore Painting: Confessions and Premonitions by Julie Farstad and Jessie Fisher, the UNO Art Gallery's first fall semester exhibition. The exhibit, which features contemporary paintings, began Aug. 26 and will end Sept. 28.

Farstad and Fisher are both assistant professors of painting at the Kansas City Art Institute. As a feminist painter, Farstad portrays influences of popular culture and psychoanalysis of girlhood drama in her work. In contrast, Fisher's figurative painting and use of rich color resembles the late Renaissance era.

Playhouse’s ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ loses magic of classic film

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Award-winning illustrator speaks about his work at the Joslyn

Chris Raschka had a monumental decision to  make. He could either go to medical school, which would mean closing his sketch books for the next 10 years, or he could take a leap of faith into an art career.

UNO theatre sets season into motion

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR The University of Nebraska at Omaha 2017-2018 theatre season has already been set into motion with first auditions held earlier this week. “There’s an overall theme to the season,”...

OCP’s all-star production welcomes you into their swamp

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KANEKO’S Human Condition event provides a hands-on approach for creative minds

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Omaha Community Playhouse provides opportunity & entertainment

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UNO assistant professor featured in ‘The Paris Review’

Among those works in the current issue of "The Paris Review," which shows artistic interpretations of women by women, are prints made by Wanda Ewing, assistant professor in the University of Nebraska Omaha's College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media. Ewing is the first Omahan ever featured in the magazine, which began in 1953—about 200 issues ago. The artistic works of "Women by Women" range from photography to Ewing's prints on found wallpaper. The collection came close to not including Ewing's work at all.