‘Men in Black III’ stays true to form, answers some questions

The duo is back and better than ever. After a wildly successful start in 1997 and a not-so-splendid sequel in 2002, many were wondering if "Men in Black III" would make the cut. 

Hello World!


So I was planning on taking a break from writing about code this summer, but then I thought, why?  As in, I'm still taking classes; why should anyone else get a break?  So here we are, back again with another installment of Hello World!

KANEKO remains a valuable resource

Marissa Wiese CONTRIBUTOR The University of Nebraska at Omaha teamed up with KANEKO to create a resource rich place for students to study in the Old...

Benson Theatre on the rise

Jeff Turner A&E EDITOR Local theaters used to be big; especially in Omaha. Not all that long ago, there was the Dundee Theatre which balanced old...

The Omaha Jitterbugs bring back swing dance

Will Patterson ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR The Omaha Jitterbugs is a non-profit organization that is bringing back swing dancing. Through classes, workshops and a weekly dance...

‘Avengers’ packed with all you need


With its spectacular action, ferocious fight scenes and clever wit, "The Avengers" is one movie that will keep you glued to the screen, waiting in anticipation and chuckling about how silly the superheroes act sometimes.

Hello World! Putting it all together

Well, hello again! This week in Hello World! we're applying everything we've covered over the past month, throwing in some new stuff, and using our knowledge to develop a slightly more complex game program.