‘Take Cover’ show to pay tribute to local scene, raise funds

The Facebook event page for "Take Cover," a Hear Nebraska fundraiser at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln, was bustling with anticipation leading up to the Sept. 16 concert. Those who either missed the sold out event or want to know what the big deal is, the event is to be replicated in Omaha next month.

Ricardo Iznaola brings beautiful whimsy to Strauss

On April 7, people began making their way into the Strauss Performing Arts Recital Hall to see Ricardo Iznaola play.

Buck Bowen’s New Album Provides an Interesting Perspective

Local hip-hop artist Buck Bowen's new album provides a preview of his new direction in music. 

Great Plains Jazz Festival: First night of Omaha Jazz Festival offers classics, surprise

Adriana David CONTRIBUTOR The University of Nebraska at Omaha hosted The Great Plains Jazz Festival Friday and Saturday. The Friday night session featured two acts: The...

Adele’s ’21’ shows a more mature side

Three years after the release of her debut album, "19," Adele has returned. Her new piece of work, fittingly titled "21," chronicles the Grammy winner's rollercoaster love life in what is already being called one of the best break-up albums of all time.

UNO student dishes out on-air laughs

Age is no barrier to success. Perform in a band, write field guides, attend college and perform an on-air comedy show are just a few items on Ben Tompkins' list of daily activities; items most people would only find on their bucket list. Tompkins seems to be a real-life Energizer bunny.

Summer’s best and worst in movies

As the summer heat plagues Omaha, many students flock from the outdoors into the coolness of the movie theater to enjoy a bucket of popcorn, a cold drink and some classic entertainment.

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