Nickelodeon film ‘Fun Size’ for both teenagers and adults

Halloween is just around the corner and that means a flood of spooky, not so spooky and outright funny films that incorporate the holiday are released in theatres.

UNO student dishes out on-air laughs

Age is no barrier to success. Perform in a band, write field guides, attend college and perform an on-air comedy show are just a few items on Ben Tompkins' list of daily activities; items most people would only find on their bucket list. Tompkins seems to be a real-life Energizer bunny.

Fall 2011 theatre season sure to please

The fall 2011 theatre season at UNO is sure to be fun and entertaining.

Outlet recieves more than a facelift, expected to bring in revenue and jobs

Omahans remember the old Nebraska Crossing shopping center located near Gretna. The much needed renovation is expected to be open November 15. The original shopping center was 190,000 square ft, the new one is 350,000 square ft.

FirstLOOK: Runway preview of Nebraska Crossing Outlets


On Thursday, Nov. 14, some of the area's most fashion-forward residents were treated to the new Nebraska Crossing Outlets' FirstLOOK event before the mall's grand opening on Friday, Nov. 15.

‘Oblivion’ good on cinematography, effects, confusing on plot twists

'Oblivion' isn't impossible to follow but it has plenty of confusing plot twists.

UNO Brass Ensemble’s semester concert showcases students’ learning

The UNO Brass Ensemble concert on Tuesday, Nov. 6 brought a variety of deep brass and jazz sounds to the Strauss Performing Arts Center's Recital Hall. The evening included performances by the Low Down Brass Ensemble (trombones and tubas) and the Trumpet Ensemble.

‘Moon’ a tragic story of love and loss

"I imagine this play as if it were an old photo album…a love note left between two pages of a book. It captures a moment in these…people's lives that changes them," read the director's notes from Zack Jennison in the program to his production of "A Moon for the Misbegotten." Jennison's graduate thesis production was simple yet beautiful and executed his vision perfectly.