Q&A with local band After the Fall

Local band After the Fall formed in late 2005 and features Justin Inget on vocals, Casey Minkten on guitar and Justin Eatherton on drums. Derek Stearns, a UNO senior pursuing a bachelor's of science in accounting, plays guitar for the band. Steven Stojka, a UNO alumni with a bachelor's in studio art technology, is After the Fall's bassist.

Star-studded cast and beautiful cinematography keeps “Murder on the Orient Express” from derailing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z68frP9Q7XA Hope Schreiner CONTRIBUTOR Based on the novel by Agatha Christie and following the 1974 remake of the same name, “Murder on the Orient Express” is a...

Clayton Rego drops first full-length album

Will Patterson A&E Editor Clayton Rego traversed the country while growing up in a military family, went to school at McGill University in Canada and has now come to Nebraska...

Hollywood legend shows us little-known history

It's not justice you're after - it's revenge," Fredrick Aiken (James McAvoy) tells Edwin Stanton (Kevin Kline) in "The Conspirator," director Robert Redford's latest film.


Hi there!  Candi here.  Alright, you got me, my name isn't really Candi.  But behind this mysterious alias and accompanying silhouette, I'm one of you.  I'm a student walking amongst you on the sidewalks, sitting next to you in class and beating you out of that parking spot.  Nice to finally meet you!
I'm here to talk to you about the "L" word.  You know what word I'm referring to.  But first let's clarify that this is not an advice column (however if you'd like my not-so-expert advice anyway, feel free to tweet me- Candi_Dates_).  This is an observation, discussion, inferential column regarding common woes of the dating world.  We can figure this out together, people!  Have an idea you'd like me to talk about?  Let me know! 

Nebraskan poet Barbara Schmitz speaks at UNO

E.J. Free CONTRIBUTOR Barbara Schmitz always wanted to be a writer. Now known as the Poet of Highway 81, Schmitz has lived and worked in Norfolk, Nebraska,...

UNO theatre impresses throughout season

The UNO Theatre Department saw a big year in its 2010-2011 season. From a hilarious comedy, to dark dramas, to the classics of Shakespeare, the theatre always brought something new to audiences.

Making Us Conscious: ‘The Maids’

The Collective Unconscious—a student-run theatre in Omaha—held their second production, "The Maids," July 27 through 30 and Aug. 4 through 6. The one-act play was performed at UNO's Weber Fine Arts Building, beginning at 7:30 pm on the scheduled dates. General admission was $8, and one dollar from each ticket sold was donated to the Nebraska Chapter of the ACLU, as the Collective Unconscious is a non-profit organization.