Poppin’ Penelope ‘brings latex to life’

Usually sporting an authentic, colorful, vintage dress and black and white saddle shoes, Poppin' Penelope entertains people of all ages with her vibrant personality, unique sense of humor and balloon-twisting abilities.

Halloween Party Sparks Spooky Spirit

Adorable princesses, swashbuckling pirates and myriad variations of witches, ghosts and superheroes filled the Health, Physical Education and Recreation building Oct. 29.

New exhibit at Criss Library meant to inspire “visual thinking”

"Unhung: Created by Design," a new exhibit at the H. Don & Connie J. Osborn Family Gallery, has a variety of pieces, including photographs and 3-D imagery.

Alabama Shakes album doesn’t live up to expectations

Formed in 2009, Alabama Shakes has recently been taking over the indie music scene. After only four years, the band has been selling out venues across the country. Their first single "Hold On" made it to Billboard's Hot 100, earning them a Grammy nomination for 2012 Best New Artist.   

Les Miserables

When Victor Hugo's masterpiece was transferred from book to stage, it transcended to a whole new level that only theatre could invoke - a portrayal of humanism so deep that the final scene of the protagonist's departure to heaven moved the entire audiences to tears.

The Sept. 21 production of "Les Miserables" was profoundly touching with the culmination of many themes wrapped into a beautiful interplay of morale and cataclysm.

Omaha and Kansas City’s thriving punk scenes

  Jenna Hynek CONTRIBUTOR Lying to parents is a teenage staple to the screwed-up youth culture. It’s the most thrilling form of rebellion a teenager can commit with...

The Holdup brings reggae beats to the Midwest

By Ray Koch When reggae music meets the Midwest, the crowd reaction may not be what you, or the band expects. Last Wednesday,The Holdup, a reggae-style...

Air Force band “tops” the night

The U.S. Air Force band, Tops in Blue, performed their free "Rhythm Nation" concert before a crowded music hall on July 6.