Modern fairy tale dramas spice up television

Every fall, dozens of new television programs come and go with a few making it into our cultural lexicon. However, it seems the last few television seasons have been full of disappointing, poorly written offerings. It has included kitschy comedies like 2009's "Gary Unmarried," disheartening procedural dramas like, last season's "The Chicago Code" and boring medical dramas like "Mercy," "Trauma" and "Three Rivers."

‘Avengers’ packed with all you need


With its spectacular action, ferocious fight scenes and clever wit, "The Avengers" is one movie that will keep you glued to the screen, waiting in anticipation and chuckling about how silly the superheroes act sometimes.

Four women fight for change in UNO Theatre’s “The Revolutionists”

Danielle Meadows SENIOR REPORTER Real women who lived boldly during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror come together in “The Revolutionists,” UNO Theatre upcoming mainstage production...

Artist raises awareness about capital punishment

The death penalty has always been a hot topic issue in the United States. There are currently 34 states with the death penalty, with Nebraska being one of them. One artist who doesn't believe in the death penalty is taking a stand to try and abolish capital punishment entirely.


The Old Market houses a number of diverse eating options on any given day, but at night, it's a totally different story.

Phish hooks fans with special sets, tight performance

Fortunate to escape the end of summer humidity strike in Omaha, Gateway Photo Editor Joe Shearer and I embarked on a "Fear and Loathing" style road trip to "Colorful Colorado," where we were to document the Sept. 2 performance of cult-status rock phenomenon Phish.

Hello World! Function Junction

Sunburn and heatstroke and dehydration, oh my! Sunburn and heatstroke and dehydration, oh my! With temperatures soaring above 100, and no relief in sight, that's what you have to look forward to if you're brave or crazy enough to venture forth from your air-conditioned hovel this summer. I'm back with another installment of Hello World!, designed especially to keep you safe and healthy.