Career Fair helps students find employment


By Jordan Madrigal

University of Nebraska at Omaha students don’t have to wait until graduation to look for employment. The Academic and Career Development Center hosted a part-time career fair Aug. 28 at the Milo Bail Student Center.


Brooke Clements, assistant director of career development, said it was the first time they hosted a fair with employers who were specifically looking for part-time employees.


“This is the first time we have focused on part-time jobs, and it’s something we would like to keep doing if it is successful,” Clements said.


Clements went on to say that the Academic and Career Development Center hosts two more career fairs throughout the year that specialize in part-time, full-time and internship positions.


As for the job fair this Wednesday, the employers ranged from non-profit to large corporations, and there were 40 vendors present looking to fill their part-time positions. These jobs offered both on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities.


For Kara Zubrod, a sophomore transfer student from the University of Missouri, she heard about the career fair through an email she received from the university, and she was going to attend just to see if anything sparked her interest.


“I have time for a part-time job currently, but I’m not sure if I necessarily need one,” Zubrod said.


Zubrod also said that although she may not have had a distinct connection with a certain company, it has sparked her interest to look for more opportunities.


For most students, this fair was an opportunity to balance both their scholastic career along with their professional career.


Katie Wessel, also an assistant director for career development, said that within the first half hour of the fair nearly 200 students had attended.


“There has been a lot of positive feedback from both students and the employers about the job fairs that we have held,” Wessel said.


She said that although it might not lead to an on-the-spot job hiring, there are a lot of connections made for future interviews and potential job opportunities.


Wessel also said that, for a total, they had nearly 700 students walk through the door for this week’s career fair.


As for the next opportunity, the Academic and Career Development Center will be hosting two more job fairs this year.  The next will be on Sept. 18 in the HPER building and will consist of nearly 80 different potential employers.