Brought to justice: Research station break-in resolved


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Cassie Wade

All has returned to normal after a burglary occurred on July 10 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Elkhorn River Research Station located at 245 and Q streets.

According to Jerry Baggett, Police Sergeant with UNO’s police department, the burglary was discovered by the Director of the Nebraska Watershed Network, Dr. Alan Kolok and was reported to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and UNO’s Public Safety office on July 18.

The two departments worked together during the investigation.

“Because it was a felony theft or a burglary, there had to be crime lab on the scene, and we do not have the crime lab to go out there,” Baggett said. “We requested assistance from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and they obliged and came out and investigated the crime for us.”

Video surveillance, which can be viewed on KETV’s website, captured video of the suspect breaking into the research station. According to UNO’s Public Safety Daily Crime and Fire Log, $7,722 worth of property was stolen.

The cameras also caught a clear view of the suspect’s face as well as a distinctive tattoo on his back that Douglas County Chief Deputy Tom Wheeler described as the word ‘Sublime’ in sort of an old-English script style” during an interview with KETV.

According to Baggett, the images captured on the surveillance cameras led to a tip turned in to Crime Stoppers, which helped to identify the man.

Authorities worked out an agreement with the suspect. Payment of a $3,500 fine in exchange for filing no charges, according to Kolok.

The case status is listed as closed in the Daily Crime and Fire Log.

Kolok said the Elkhorn River Research Station’s ability to conduct research was not affected because
research was not going on at the time of the burglary.