Broadway producer to speak at UNO

Segal (third from the left) with Vanessa Hudgens, who plays "Gigi". Photo Courtesy of
Segal (third from the left) with Vanessa Hudgens, who plays “Gigi”.
Photo Courtesy of

Kelly Langin

Broadway producer Jenna Segal will visit University of Nebraska will visit the University of Nebraska at Omaha on Tuesday. She will discuss her experiences developing and producing theatre, as well as touch on subjects in film, television, and the Internet that deal with women’s inclusion and equality.

“Her experience and success speaks across our disciplinary boundaries, bringing together elements of theatre, film and television, entrepreneurship, public and media relations, marketing, music and numerous other areas of study,” said Adrian Duran, associate professor of Art History at UNO.

Segal, president of production company Segal NYC, began her career in political talk shows on networks like CNBC and CNN. Segal then moved to VIACOM to work on production management.
More recently, Segal produced “Gigi,” the broadway musical based on French writer Colette’s 1944 novella about a young girl who eventually marries a wealthy man.

Segal had no theatre experience prior to producing “Gigi.” Driven by her love for the 1958 film, Segal set out to secure the rights to create a Broadway revival of the story.

The original stage version flopped in 1973, so Segal hired a writer to revise it. Within seven years, Segal had raised the production money and “Gigi” was brought back to life in 2015.

“I first saw the movie when I was 6,” Segal said to North Jersey. “Every little girl has a movie that she loves, and that was mine. Gigi is a young woman who knew who she was, and what she wanted her life to be.”

Segal will speak in Mammel Hall’s auditorium at 6:30 p.m. An audience Q & A session will follow. The event is free and open to the public.

Segal’s visit is sponsored by the UNO School of Communication, Fine Arts and Media’s Cultural Enrichment Fund.