Brazen Head Pub: Irish to the Core


By Chase Winter, Contributor

Every St. Patrick’s Day, at least one person in every circle of friends will trace their lineage back to Ireland and perhaps take on a poor impression of an Irish dialect during festivities. The same can be said for some bars and pubs around town, putting out Irish decorations for one weekend each year. One pub, however, keeps up its Irish heritage.

Those who have visited the Brazen Head Irish Pub at 319 N. 78 St. know what sets this pub apart from other pubs and bars in Omaha. Upon entering the pub, guests are placed into a traditional setting styled after pubs in Ireland, snugs and all. Snugs, two of which can be found in Omaha’s Brazen Head, are booths more separate from the rest of the pub, creating comfortably close quarters for guests choosing to be more focused on their company than the rest of the pub crowd.

Bartender Larry Meader, who has worked at the Brazen Head off and on since 2001, said the bar itself

was designed and built in Ireland before it was brought to Omaha. He also mentioned the differences between the front and back areas of the pub.
“The areas represent different styles of pubs in Ireland,” Meader said. “The front is different from the back, with the wood floors versus the tile floor in the back half.”

Along with the tile, the wood used for tables and chairs grows increasingly lighter in the back half, giving it a more vibrant feel than the hearty, dark wood found in front.

Known for its fish and chips as well as its Reuben sandwiches, the Bra-zen Head has food to match the atmosphere. The menu contains everything from boxtys—Irish potato pancakes stuffed with select ingredients—to sandwiches, soups and salads. Accompanying the food menu is an extensive drink menu for those of age.

Those weary of paying an average of $10 per entrée and at least $3 per beer should consider the Brazen Head’s Reverse Happy Hour every week Monday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to closing time.

College students like Paul Baumann, a psychology major at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, indulge in half-priced select drink and menu items which keep Baumann coming back almost weekly.

“The only thing I like better than being able to get everything half-off after 10 is their burger covered in chili,” Baumann said.
The Brazen Head, with its optimal location and ambiance, make it a worthy consideration for a night out with friends or those craving traditional Irish cuisine. It’ll leave guests saying, “Erin go Bragh!”