“Bob’s Burgers:” The animated comedy you never knew you needed


Cassie Wade

Photo courtesy of Fox

Adult animation is a must-watch staple for college students everywhere, but Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers” deserves its own special place on your watch list because of its feel-good fun.

Unlike other adult animated TV shows, the storylines in “Bob’s Burgers” are built around the actual characters – otherwise known as the Belcher family – rather than gross jokes and disgusting vomit or bloodbath scenes (I’m looking at you, “Family Guy”).

The Belcher family’s development is worth watching over the show’s nine seasons because the characters stay true to themselves, not only through their personalities and actions but as a relatable working-class family struggling to make ends meet running their own burger restaurant while getting the most out of life.

Take Tina Belcher, for example. Tina is a zombie-obsessed eighth grader who is more passionate about staring at boys’ butts than just about anything else in life. Besides horses, that is.

Tina frequently struggles with her dorkiness but always stays true to herself, her friends and what she loves. This is especially seen in season two episode eight, “Bad Tina”, as Tina grapples with trying to hang with the cool new girl rather than just being herself.

In the end, she stands up to the new student who’s actually a bully and reads her friendficton (AKA freakfiction, or romantic stories about her classmates and teachers) out loud. That kind of dedication to being who you are is something everyone can applaud.

Tina’s younger brother, Gene, and younger sister, Louise, are fantastically complex characters as well. Gene’s your typical forgotten middle child with a twist. His passion for music – and making noise in general – is well documented throughout the show and leads to interesting episodes.

Louise is perhaps the least childlike child out of the family, even though she’s the youngest. A devious mastermind, Louise loves to trick people, steal her siblings’ allowances and cause mayhem all while wearing a cute, pink eared bunny hat.

The adults in the show are notable characters as well with their own traits and storylines. Bob as in the Bob in “Bob’s Burgers” is your typical worn out dad stressed about making ends meet. His passion for food, love of Thanksgiving and knack for coming up with punny “burgers of the day” for the restaurant give his character a voice and room in the plots.

Linda, the show’s wife and mom, is a wacky character who will do anything to protect her family, including flashing a live studio audience in season two episode 10. She’s the heart of many episodes and one of many reasons to watch the show.

While “Bob’s Burgers” is centered around a family, the content is definitely geared towards adults. Unrequited love, frenemies, accidental consumption of weed cookies and more make up the show.

The content is phenomenal and binge-worthy, but best of all, viewers can rest assured that each and every episode of “Bob’s Burgers” will end with a happy ending. Sometimes that’s all you need to get through a rough day of school.

In the end, “Bob’s Burgers” is worth watching because it’s the right kind of feel-good fun every college student needs in their life. I highly recommend getting to know this fun, quirky family by catching up on the show as quickly as possible.