Bernie Sanders begins 2020 campaign in Council Bluffs


Will Patterson

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced his bid for the Democratic presidential candidacy on Feb. 19, 2019. The first leg of his announcement tour began with a rally at the Mid-America Center.

UNO pre-law student Cesar Magaña Linares was one of the volunteers spending an evening assisting the campaign in Council Bluffs.

Cesar Magana Linares volunteers at the Bernie Sanders rally. Photo by Jessica Wade/the Gateway

“I’ve been a stronger supporter of Bernie Sanders’ message since 2014, even before he announced his candidacy for 2016,” Magaña Linares said. “I see that Bernie Sanders has consistently had the right policy message that I could align myself with, so I’m out here volunteering.”

He said his support for Sanders stems from the campaign’s left-leaning populist attitudes.

“For example, $15 minimum wage, Green New Deal, Medicare for all, protecting social security—these are all policy ideas that I feel like our country is afraid to take on because of the labels they’re ascribed. In all honestly, the people agree with him on a massive scale,” Magaña Linares said.

A trio of UNO students—Sabir Badawi, Gennesis Guzman and Paola Corona—arrived early to claim a spot near the stage.

“I like how progressive he is. He doesn’t really care what are people think. He’s very vocalized about his own views, especially when it comes to immigration or education,” Badawi said. “He’s not scared. He’s not like other politicians where they overthink what they’re going to say.”

Guzman plans to pursue a career as a social worker, a fact that has influenced her political opinion.

“A lot of his beliefs align with mine, especially like immigration and education. I think those are the biggest two for me personally. Like I feel that often the minority voices get drowned out and I feel like he’s able to speak for us,” Guzman said.

“I just think his platform is appealing more now to our generation because we’re the movement that’s trying to get our voice out there,” Paola said.