Ben Rector’s “Brand New” leads to sold-out Omaha show


Hope Schreiner

Known for his upbeat melodies and relatable lyrics, Ben Rector is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter based in Nashville who is finally making his way onto the music scene. His hit song “Brand New” can be heard on radio stations across the country, and it is also the title of his most recent album, released in August of last year.

He has released four complete studio albums over the years, all under the record label Aptly Named Recordings. He has topped the iTunes charts and played many sold out shows to dedicated fans all across the country.

According to his website, Rector would describe his work as “pop music with a purpose.” Along with their catchy beats and melodies, his songs are sincere, honest and relatable. They deal with real life issues that he himself has gone through and knows other people can connect with.

“Brand New” is a reflection of Rector’s youth when he spent his days playing guitar in his bedroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Back then, he could only dream that someday he would be playing his songs in front of thousands of people. The record’s sound is playful and inspiring. The lyrics are free and effortless, and the melodies flow beautifully from one song to the next.

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There is not a bad song on the album. The title track, “Brand New” has an infectious base drum beat and a fun melody to sing along to. “Fear” is one of those songs that simply makes you feel happy and warm inside while being easily applicable to your own life. “Crazy” has a humorous message and tells a story through the verses. The last track on the album, “More Like Love” slows things down a bit with a simple piano and some strings to highlight Rector’s soothing voice and lyrics.

Rector can be compared to more well-known artists like Michael Bublé and Andy Grammer in terms of voice and lyrics. Many of his songs have the swingy-soul feel of Bublé with the pop-rock feel of Grammer. Blending these styles together is not an easy thing to do, but he seems to do so with perfect grace and poise.

Rector is currently on his “Brand New” tour. He performed to a sold out crowd Sunday at The Slowdown in Omaha.