Bad Pop at Reverb Lounge

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Will Patterson

Bad Pop is an indie-rock group stopping by the Reverb Lounge in Omaha as a part of their 5-week tour. The tour follows the release of their single “Bad Pop” from which they draw their name.

The band is a trio of friends who met up in their hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Aaron Klassen plays drums, Catherine Hiltz is the bassist and Chris Connelly is the guitarist. All three contribute to vocals, giving the band a unique sound in each song.

The group has changed dramatically in past years and recently underwent a name change from Hot Panda to Bad Pop. During the group’s time as Hot Panda, they experienced a variety of different sounds and methods.

“It’s a different group of people and the sound is completely different,” Klassen said. “We’ve grown up and it just made sense to do a fresh start.”

Today, the best description for the band’s sound would be a weird form of rock music laced with indie vibes. This style has grown from their years of experience and experimentation.

“We all think we play fairly normal rock n’ roll,” Klassen said. “Then we play if for people and they go ‘That’s weird. You’re weird.’”
A lot of Bad Pop’s newest music gives insight into what growing up feels like for the rock trio. Connelly described his inspiration for much of what he writes as “being a little too old for the party now.”

The creative process used by Bad Pop is a heavy collaboration between all three members. While Connelly works out lyrics, Klassen and Hiltz flesh out rhythms to lay them down on.

“The three of us come from very different music backgrounds,” Klassen said. “We all have different influences.”

This diversity is key in the creation of new songs. Song writing sessions frequently turn into the three members enjoying a jam session with friends.

For those looking to get an idea of what Bad Pop sounds like Connelly recommends people listen to their single “Bad Pop” and their new EP “Other Spooky Is.” These two recordings have different sounds, but share the same genre-defying vibe.

A point of pride for Bad Pop is their emphasis on live music. In a world of edited music, the group strives to provide lively entertainment to those attending their performances.

Bad Pop’s lyrical themes hold a particular relevance to college-age people. With references to the fears of growing older, the songs hit home on the shared experience amongst people who are living on their own for the first time, trying to secure their place in the world.

“I think lyrically it can get down to college students,” Klassen said. “Even a 22-year-old college student can feel older in their mind.”

Bad Pop’s performance at the Reverb Lounge will take place on March 12. Doors open at 8 p.m. with tickets costing $7.

Those interested in hearing more of Bad Pop’s music can check them out on Spotify and social media. Much of their online music is still under the group’s former name, Hot Panda.