Artists @ Home: A balance between science and art


Makayla Roumph

What do you get when you cross science with art… 47 wires!

Gabriella Moore is a senior at UNO studying Molecular and Biomedical Biology, whose education thus far has formed a bridge from her “science side” to her “creative side.”

In April 2020, Moore looked on the internet for a pair of earrings she had envisioned but could not find the exact design of. As a result, she made her own. She has since created “47 wires,” a local, lightweight earring company made personally at the tips of her fingertips.

“I started it [47 wires] during quarantine as a way to create and channel new ideas,” Moore said. “It’s done very well, and I love that I was able to develop something I’ll be able to continue growing for years to come.”

Gabriella Moore models festive pumpkin earrings from her jewelry company, “47 wires.” Moore uses the seasons and holidays for inspiration in her craft. Photo courtesy of Gabriella Moore.

The name further forms the bridge between science and art, stemming from silver’s atomic number on the periodic table being 47. With silver jewelry prevalently involved in her daily life, Moore decided to incorporate the symbolism of silver into her brand by molding a single piece of wire into shapes and designs.

“I am very inspired by single line artwork (where the artist does not pick up their writing tool),” Moore said. “I love that concept and I try to intricate it into almost all of my designs, gathering inspiration from the seasons or holidays, and sometimes just objects like certain plant leaves. I find myself looking at objects often now trying to put them into a single line design. I try to stay true to my ‘brand’ in that if I wouldn’t wear it, I probably won’t design it, unless of course it’s a custom request.”

Moore is not only an earring maker, but a makeup artist too. Being high risk for COVID-19 and an aspiring medical professional in the future, Moore is not currently taking makeup clients. However, she has been able to use this artistry on herself as an escape from her often analytical science courses.

Moore said her favorite part about her makeup artistry is bold glam makeup looks and costume or gore looks. “Often I look at something and ask myself ‘how can I make this pretty yet creepy?’” Moore said. Photo courtesy of Gabriella Moore.

“Having my crafts and art to lean into when I feel the need to is very therapeutic and relaxing,” Moore said. “When I’m overwhelmed with school, I often use these as a brain break, and I start almost every day with makeup and orders of earrings if I have them.”

Moore has used COVID-19 as a chance to balance her creative and science sides because she does not have the responsibilities of being on campus nor traveling.

“Being remote gives me the time I value to step into another room and work creatively,” Moore said.

Moore is a “right-brained” individual by nature and has always loved painting and drawing, so her passion for makeup was found naturally at the age of 12.

“For my makeup artistry, I’ve always loved the idea that makeup can make you feel your best and also allow you to create on a living canvas,” Moore said. “I am self-taught and have essentially learned from trial, error and the internet.”

Inspired by her favorite holiday, Halloween, Moore uses her free time to create new and unique looks with Oct. 31 approaching. Photo courtesy of Gabriella Moore.

Moore’s makeup business primarily focuses on weddings, special occasions, special effects and costumes. She commonly receives her inspiration from other artists on Instagram, color palettes and Halloween.

Moore’s earrings are available to view and shop through @47wires on Instagram or the website at To gather inspiration for your own Halloween makeup looks this year, follow her makeup account on Instagram @gabriellartistry.