Annual Study Abroad Fair encourages students to explore


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Gabriel Guardado

Ever wanted to study abroad in a different country? This may be the perfect opportunity to do so, as UNO hosted its biannual Study Abroad Fair in the Milo Bail Student Center Plaza.

Faculty, staff, alumni, third-party providers as well as UNO students set up in the MBSC Plaza to answer any questions about studying abroad.

With over 1,000 options to choose from, the possibilities are endless as UNO teams up with third-party providers to help students make the transition to a new country and culture.

One of the many third-party providers is API Study Abroad. Regional Director Jason Kouba has helped many students from UNO study abroad.

“Studying abroad gives students different opportunities to do things they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to do,” Kouba said. “Experiencing different cultures, working with different people, visiting different places [and] studying abroad gives students a whole new meaning on life.”

Many UNO students have taken advantage of programs like API and made the leap to study in a different country.

Moustafa Aladawi, a senior majoring in electronic engineering,had the opportunity to study abroad in Dubai this year.

“It was a great experience,” says Aladawi. “You learn about the traditional and modern culture of the country. Also, you’re going to meet new people and talk to different people from all over the world, especially in Dubai, where I went to study.”

Aladawi recalls studying abroad as one of the best experiences in his life.

Students can choose to use financial aid as well as scholarships offered by the third party-provider or the office of UNO Education Abroad.

API has several requirements for students looking to study abroad.

“The requirements will vary a little bit based on programs, but there is usually a GPA requirement, there is sometimes a class standing, usually sophomore standing or above, but there are many programs open to freshmen as well,” Kouba said.

Other requirements may include language requirements; for instance, if the student is planning on studying abroad in a non-English speaking location.

This past semester, UNO and third-party providers have sent students all over the globe to study.

“This past spring, we had a student from UNO who went to study in Florence, Italy,” Kouba said. “We’ve had many students in the past go to many different locations around the world including Chile, Peru, Dubai, Europe and Argentina.”

The experiences and friendships students make while studying abroad is like no other.

Students have the chance to meet people from all over the world who are sharing the same experience. UNO has many options for students wanting to study abroad.

UNO gives students the chance to study at partner universities across the globe with the UNO Exchange Program. The tuition costs are the same as if the student was studying at UNO.

The UNO Faculty-Led Program gives students the chance to experience culture with the professors and faculty they interact with while on campus. Special curriculums and courses are created while exploring and studying in the country.With deadlines for the spring semester coming up Oct. 1, the next date for the upcoming year begins in February.