Annual anime convention returns to Omaha

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Abbie Boiko

When it comes to conventions, Anime Nebraskon is one that members of every fandom should add to their list. Nebraskon, a three-day Japanese pop culture convention, is held annually for fans across the country, and is hosted by the Nebraska Japanese Animation Society.

This year, the convention will be held on Nov. 6 through Nov. 8 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Convention Center on 72nd St. and Grover St.

Between cosplay, panels for every interest, hotel room parties, vendors
selling merchandise from popular shows and games and viewing rooms, this convention has it all. Its diverse selection every year never lets attendees have a chance to be bored. Top events include a cosplay competition, swimsuit contest, rave and a music video contest.

Although sign-up for the cosplay competition has been closed for the upcoming year, entry is still accepted for the hall cosplay contest as well as the swimsuit competition.

Anime Nebraskon will feature several industry guests this year, including Doug Walker (“Nostalgia Critic”, “That Guy with the Glasses”), Amanda C. Miller (“Fire Emblem: Awakening”, “Sailor Moon”), Amber Lee Connors (“Team Four Star’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged”) and several more.

Additionally, professional cosplay group Wild Garden Cosplay will return, and Japanese musician Chii Sakurabi will be a first-time convention guest.

The addition of a musical guest has given the convention the ability to hold a concert—an event opportunity
they have never had before. This concert will take the place of one of the dances that are normally held during the weekend.

Nebraskon is unique in that although things have changed throughout the 12 years that it has been running, they manage to keep a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the con-goers. All of the convention’s staff is made up of volunteers who put in their time throughout the year to ensure that everyone who attends enjoys what they have to offer, and they work hard to make Nebraskon the best that it can be.

Three-day tickets to the convention can be purchased in advance for $50 until Oct. 9. Due to the size
limits of the Ramada Convention Center and the rate of growth in recent years—the final count for 2014
was just shy of 5,500 attendees—a capacity has been set at 6,000 for the 2015 convention. Once the capacity has been reached, at the door registration will not be available.

Currently, the convention staff members are exploring new venue options but none have been

For those who feel as though they cannot afford the $50 registration cost, fear not—there may still be hope. Nebraskon offers refunds, plus some other awesome perks, to those who work with them as volunteers during the convention.

Because of the recent crowding in the Ramada Convention Center, the convention has been expanded to the Comfort Inn next to the Ramada Plaza. This additional space will have more places for con-goers to relax, as well as hold some of the over 250 panels and events happening throughout the weekend.

Updates and additional information for the convention can be found on their website,, or on the Anime Nebraskon Facebook group.