88 Tactical offers School Safe course to teach students skills needed to handle an active threat

Photo courtesy heraldo
88 Tactical is a training organization designed to provide others with the ability to handle crises, according to the company’s website.

Mitchell Lienemann

Students in the Omaha area are gaining the skills they need to survive a school shooting at 88 Tactical.

88 Tactical, a training organization designed to provide others with the ability to handle crises, unveiled their new School Safe educational class. The class is designed to build teamwork skills and teach students skills they can use to increase their chance of survival in a school shooting.

Children must be at least 10 years old to attend, according to 88 Tactical’s website. Those under the age of 12 must have a parent or legal guardian attend the class with them.

The class costs $65 and runs for two and a half hours, according to the website.

The class begins by teaching the group that there are three plans of action the group must decide between during a school shooting.

The first option is running and escaping. Trevor Thrasher, owner and instructor at 88 Tactical, said that the group must scout the situation before they run out of the classroom.

Thrasher explained how in the Columbine shooting, students heard the initial gunshots and fled the opposite way of where they heard the shots coming from. What the students didn’t know was that there were multiple gunman and the second was waiting for them to flee from the sounds of the first gunshots. Thrasher says the group should only run if their certain they have a window to escape.

The second option is to barricade the door and hide. The first step to this option is to turn off the lights and line up on the inside of the wall so the gunman can’t see the students or teacher. The School Safe course taught students to line up their desks wall to wall to prevent a gunman from entering the classroom.

If there is a gap at the end of the lined-up desks, Thrashers says you can wedge chairs or even brace your back up against the desk and use your legs to push against the wall. Other objects, like door stops or crutches, can be used to wedge doors shut.

The desired result of barricading the door is to trick the gunman into thinking that the classroom has already been evacuated. The goal is also that he will move past the classroom after not being able to get inside.

The final option is to fight. Thrasher said that if you know the gunman is coming into the classroom, be ready on the inside of the door. This gives the class a window to attack the weapon and attempt to disarm the shooter.

When the class engages the shooter, Thrasher said to have weapons ready for when they come through the door. Right when the first person engages attacking the shooter, the rest of the students should be ready to hit or throw something heavy at the attacker to disorient him.

One person should be ready to close the door after the shooter is pulled into the class, just in case he’s not the only gunman. If the class is able to successfully disarm the gunman, the School Safe class emphasizes that some shooters carry multiple weapons. Thrasher said to always assume the gunman has another weapon.

Thrasher said the course is also devoted to teaching simple first-aid procedures, such as CPR and how to make and use a tourniquet. Thrasher said during the Parkland shooting, there were students who were shot that didn’t receive medical attention for over two hours. Had the students known how to successfully make and use a tourniquet, a few of the students may have survived.

Ultimately, Thrasher said the class available at 88 Tactical is supposed to empower students and teachers to realize that when they work together as a team, they are more dangerous than a lunatic with a gun.