40 years of friendship between UNO and Shizuoka University


Jimmy Carroll

UNO Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold meets with Shizuoka City Deputy Mayor Shigeyuki Konagaya.
UNO Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., meets with Shizuoka City Deputy Mayor Shigeyuki Konagaya. Photo courtesy of UNO Communications

It’s been 40 years since the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Shizuoka University (SU) had an idea to create a lasting friendship.

On Oct. 31, 2019, the two universities’ agreement was renewed at a ceremony in Shizuoka, Japan. UNO Chancellor Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold and other staff were in attendance to witness and hear from the many students whose lives have been changed.

“The relationship with SU is true Maverick Spirit,” Gold said.

To have a strengthened partnership with SU and their level of commitment to the future is something Gold looks forward to. The ceremony was only part of UNO’s visit to Japan, which included a meeting with Shizuoka City Deputy Mayor Shigeyuki Konagaya and Shizuoka Prefecture Vice Governor Akihito Yoshibayashi.

“This partnership has been an incredibly meaningful one to us, and our students hope to create a better world for the future,” Konagaya said.

UNO’s first exchange student to SU was Lori Arias, and she serves with UNO International Programs. Arias said she very much enjoyed the experience of being at SU with all the support, which has motivated her to help international students in Omaha.

SU not only has ties with UNO, but with University of Alberta (Canada) and Zhejiang University (China). SU continues to bring in international students, which is a distinctive aspect of the university. It also has over 1,100 instructors from a wide range of studies, including humanities, education, informatics, science, engineering and agriculture. SU was founded in June 1949 and its philosophy is “Freedom and Enlightenment & Creation of the Future.”

This event signified a path toward the future, continuing the legacy of 40 years of friendship and excellent academics, as UNO and SU are continuously looking for new and improved ways to help current and future students.

Since 1979, UNO and SU students have been traveling back and forth to each other’s campuses. Many SU students take part in the summer internship program at UNO, getting a chance to study and travel across Nebraska.