2019-2020 parking permits now available– with a few changes


Kamrin Baker

Photo courtesy of UNO Communications

Fall semester is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the financial responsibilities of college life: tuition increases, textbook rentals, and for University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) students, parking permits.

Permits are available for purchase via MavPARK (the same place most people pay for their violations), where students will need their NetID credentials and vehicle details, such as make, model, color and license plate number. Students who are without license plates can contact UNO Parking with their full VIN.

Once again, UNO Parking will manage permits digitally, meaning the accurate record of license plates number is vital to avoid violations. Daily and hourly parking will also be available in some locations on campus using the Park Omaha app or kiosks for $3.50.

Permits range from $30-$285, depending on vehicle, location, duration and staff or student status.

While permits will not be increasing in price for the 2019-2020 school year, an email sent out by UNO Parking on July 10 details a few changes.

First, the Pacific Street Garage will be open for free the first week of classes, meaning a permit will not be required to park at this location Monday, Aug. 26 through Friday, Aug. 30.

The vehicle per permit limit has also changed to include two vehicles. Students who drive more than two vehicles will have to remove one of their vehicles on MavPARK that is linked to their permit and add a different vehicle prior to parking on campus.

In addition, the Carpool Program will change to offer surface and garage permits with tiered discounts ranging from 30 percent to 100 percent. While more information is available at the UNO Parking website, parking services manager Vanessa Rath broke down the carpooling options.

“There are three different permits, 50 percent for an assignment in the East Garage, 50 percent for an assignment in the West Garage, and free in the Pacific St. Garage,” Rath said. “If students carpool each day when they come to campus, it provides a much less expensive option as well as much less impact on our environment.”

Most notably, beginning Sept. 3, UNO Parking will change its violation waive policy and will offer no academic waives for violations for faculty, staff, students or residents.

“In an effort to avoid drastic increases in rates on permits and continue to not increase student fees over the next several academic years,” Rath said. “Limited options for waiver will be posted on our site as we get closer to the start of the semester. We also want to be consistent with all other Universities in the NU system as well.”

The appeal process will remain available if there is evidence that a violation was not committed or was due to circumstances beyond the driver’s control, according to the UNO Parking email.

A full list of all available permits and updates can be found on the UNO website. UNO Parking encourages the UNO community to follow along for updates on the parking services website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

UNO Parking can be contacted at 402.554.PARK (7275) or unoparking@unomaha.edu.