2017 cinema season ends on a strong note


Will Patterson

The end-of-year cinema season has historically been the best, and this year looks no different. Despite a rather dull summer movie selection, 2017 still has a chance to come out on top with the releases scheduled for the next couple months. These are some highly anticipated movies to keep an eye out for as the end of the year approaches.

1) “Thor: Ragnarok” Like clockwork, the Marvel universe earns yet another addition before the year ends. “Thor: Ragnarok” features Thor, separated from his fellow Avengers, in an adventure away from earth. While most of the previous Thor activity has involved him defending earth, this story pertains to Thor’s Asgardian origins and home world. This movie was released on Nov. 3, and early reviews are looking promising as the film takes its first steps in the public eye.

2) “Murder on the Orient Express” Train murder mystery might seem like an impossible cliché to approach, but “Murder on the Orient Express” takes the concept back to its roots. Based on the popular 1934 detective novel of the same name, “Murder on the Orient Express” follows Hercule Poirot (Johnny Depp) as he tries to find a killer before he or she can strike again. With an impressive cast, this movie has earned well deserved attention before gracing the big screen. “Murder on the Orient Express” will be released on Nov. 10.

3) “The Shape of Water” Guillermo del Toro returns to theaters with this latest move, “The Shape of Water.” Staying true to del Toro’s dark and fantasy themes, “The Shape of Water” mixes horror and romance. Elisa Esposito (Sally Hawkins) is a mute woman working as a custodian at a government lab in Baltimore. While working, she discovers a human-like aquatic creature that is being held captive by government. Trailers have indicated that there is a strange romantic bond that forms between the two as the film unfolds. “The Shape of Water” will be released on Dec. 1.

4) “The Disaster Artist” “The Disaster Artist” is a comedic and biographical movie about the creation of “The Room,” which has been largely regarded one of the worst films ever made. The plot follows the story of Tommy Wiseau and his friend Greg Sestero as they put together their own movie in an attempt at fame. With the line-up of James Franc0, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen, it is certainly a comedy, but with different tones from the prior work. Early screenings have yielded critical approval and several awards. “The Disaster Artist” will be released in select locations on Dec. 1 and nationwide on Dec. 8.

5) “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” With Disney at the helm of the Star Wars franchise, movies are being released on a nearly annual basis. This winter season, fans will be getting the next piece of the main Star Wars story in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Mark Hamill returns to the franchise as an older Luke Skywalker. Rey (Daisy Ridley) will be receiving training from Skywalker as she masters the force, while situations escalate between the First Order and The Resistance. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will be released on Dec. 15.