2012 Student Election Guide-Hoffman & Gatrost


Stefanie Hoffman


Major: Biotechnology and Neuroscience

Running Mate:

Tyler Gatrost


Major: Business

Reason you are running for office:

I have been an Arts & Sciences Senator for almost three years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have devoted to Student Government. I felt I could easily reach out to constituents and provide my opinions (as well as others) in large resolutions such as the MavRide program, F.U.S.E, and so much more. I feel like we have accomplished so much since I have started, and I feel like we can accomplish so much more with the right leadership abilities and energetic attitude that I hope to provide.

What is (are) the issue(s) of most concern to you on campus?

1.) Helping campus become more student-oriented with more student involvement.  The atmosphere of this campus is lacking with low participation in student organizations and weak attendance at sporting events.

2.) Getting graded material back from professors in a timely manner.  More and more students are having the issue of not getting back their graded material for weeks, even months at a time.  

3.) Long term sustainability is a current issue Student Government is trying hard to implement at UNO.  This is one of my most passionate issues in making our campus a more “GREEN” friendly campus. 

What do you hope to achieve in office?

1.) Implementing the idea of publishing the elements of professor evaluations and student feedback that can provide as a resource for students when enrolling for classes.  

2.) Improving sustainability on campus by educating students with the new B-cycle program on campus and also having students be aware of how to use the recycling bins on campus.

3.) Getting graded material back in a timely manner from professors and thinking of ways on how to implement this. 

4.) Improving attendance to different events and organizations on campus.  By publicizing events more efficiently and effectively, I feel we can increase student participation. Also, helping the communication lag between Dodge and Pacific Street campus is an important issue that must be addressed.

What qualifies you for this office?

What qualifies me for this position is having held various positions as an Arts & Sciences Senator and being part of the Campus Improvement committee as secretary. I am currently on the Internal Affairs committee and hold the position as Parliamentarian where the duties include being knowledgeable in Robert’s Rules of Orders; also, being organized and knowing the mechanisms of Student Government in order to write the SG-UNO minutes every Senate session.  I am very goal oriented and want to further my leadership abilities.   I feel I can further this organization’s growth in order to provide its services to the campus and its students more efficiently.