2012 Presidential Election UNO Student Poll


By April Wilson, Senior Staff Writer

2012 is another presidential election year, and living in Nebraska and Iowa allows us a front row seat to the first steps of this year’s process of the country choosing its next elected presidential candidate. The Gateway polled five students in the MBSC asking, “What are your thoughts on the Iowa Caucuses? Who do you think will be the Republican nominee?”


“It’s a sh—- season for people who want choices. If the Republicans do the right thing and put Romney as the nominee, it will be a toss-up.”  –Dan Gaffey, Sophomore, Majoring in Biology

“Mitt Romney will be the nominee, but it is ridiculous that Iowa and New Hampshire have so much sway in the process. Neither state has the number of registered voters as, say, a state like Calif., but because its primaries come so late in the process they don’t have as much say. It is disheartening that two states have so much sway over determining who the candidates are.” –Dave Tyler, Freshman, Majoring in Criminal Justice

“All they’re (the candidates) out for is who can say the most awful thing for shock value”. –Jeremy Prier, Junior, Majoring in Graphic Design

“There is nothing shiny and new (about the candidates) compared to 2008. Dumbledore should be the nominee.” –Kacee Bateman, Freshman, Majoring in Studio Art

“Romney is not great; his ideas are closer to liberal views. We don’t want him to not veto SOPA or anti-terrorism bills. He is just a milder version of Obama.” –Nathanial Perigo, Sophomore, Majoring in Civil Engineering