Your ‘real’ college school supplies list


By column by Sarah Meedel

The statement “This is not high school anymore” has probably been heard a million times by incoming college freshmen. As the beginning of the fall semester nears, new students may start to ponder how to prepare themselves for this “new world.”

The Gateway hopes to shed some light on what might help a student get through college without having a mental break down.

While at the store picking up the essential school supplies of pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks and folders, do not forget to pick up a package of computer disks. The majority of UNO’s computers are IBM formatted, one notable exception is The Gateway office, which runs a Macintosh network. Double-check the label on disks before buying so there is not the panic of having the wrong type of disk when you need to save your work. UNO computers will not store information on their desktops. The computers are frequently restarted and all work will be lost. Saving material is extremely beneficial for present classes and future ones as well. One assignment may help another one later on.

Another item that can help with student sanity is a voice recorder. It costs more than the average school supply ($25-$60) but can be well worth the price. There are often days when students do not feel like listening to the important information their professors have to offer, this is where the recorder comes in. Whether needing a power nap in class or just not being able to focus, the voice recorder listens for the student. Be sure to remember to go back and listen to the lecture later, otherwise there really is no point in taping it to begin with.

To further increase the chance of success in class, make a few friends in class. Both parties can benefit from being “study buddies.” Even if a student plans on attending every class every day, there is a good chance at least a few classes will be missed. Having friends in a class can help with this. Copying notes from one another can help ease the stress of missing the occasional class. Another benefit of in-class friends is having someone to study test material with.

For between classes, spare change for a snack might be one consideration to take. It is not uncommon for students to skip breakfast, leaving them with a pre-lunch roar in their bellies. Vending machines are located throughout campus and are more likely to accept change than a wadded-up dollar bill.

A final item to consider having handy is duct tape. At first this idea may seem bizarre but it really can make a lot of sense. Duct tape has the amazing power of being able to fix multiple things — at least temporarily. Backpack breaks? Duct tape it back together. Notebook falling apart? Duct tape it. Rip in pants? Try some duct tape. Bumper falling off vehicle with no money to fix it? Duct tape. Roommates stealing things? Duct tape them. The uses are endless.

College can be bearable, sometimes even fun. It is what you make of it. Keep your sanity and everything will be fine.