Don’t break the bank. Update your winter wardrobe on a budget


Rachael Vacanti

It’s a new year, and with it comes new fashions. While you might be itching to update your winter wardrobe, after checking your bank account you realize you may be rather broke. Luckily, fashionable winter clothing on the cheap is out there, and there are several stores in Omaha to check out.


With several of these thrift stores around town, you have plenty of options. However, while these are the cheapest spots, it’s not meant for quick shoppers. Patience is required since it’s like a treasure hunt. Some days you find exactly what you want, other times you come back empty-handed. It’s all about staying open-minded about used clothing and considering the possibility of small alterations to fit your body better. Regardless, at least whatever you pick out will be unique and in your budget.


These stores are basically the same thing since they are in direct competition with one another. If you’re looking for something super cheap, head to Walmart. If you’re willing to spend a little more money without having to deal with the interesting characters often found at Wal*Mart, head to Target. Both stores carry necessary basics, like layering tanks, flannels and cardigans, to mix with fancier wardrobe pieces.


Gordman’s is another treasure hunt, but sometimes they have just the right thing at just the right price. The selection tends to be on the cheaper side in terms of fabric quality, but you will find more unique touches, like lace, jewels and studs on otherwise basic clothing.


Kohl’s has a great selection, good quality and a decent price. The store is clean, people are helpful, but not too pushy and they have incredible deals like Kohl’s Cash – spend $50 or $100 and get some amount back in Kohl’s Cash. In addition to that, they usually always have something on sale.

Dillard’s Clearance Outlet

While this may take a bit more gas and drive time since it’s in Council Bluffs, it’s a shopper’s paradise. I went with a friend of mine once and we spent maybe three hours there and only got through a tiny part of the store. The clothes are all well-organized. I found three adorable tops I could wear with leggings and my total was about $34 including tax. Again, it’s a bit of a hit and miss, but you can usually find something for a great price and brand new. However, I issue you a warning: You will be overwhelmed and it will take multiple trips. Again, I only went once with a friend and we didn’t even get to the shoe section.

Regardless of where you choose to shop, it’s important to get decent clothes that last a good long time and you can often do it without breaking your budget. Happy hunting!