Which way to do what?


By Sarah Whitaker, Contributor

As college students, where can one find good entertainment around this Midwestern metropolis? Considering your options from campus, there are two directions you can go: East or West.

Both have trade-offs that will hit your pocketbook in different ways, depending on what your priorities are. Within walking distance, you have the Family Fun Center to the west, and the Dundee Theater to the east. While the Family Fun center boasts a wide array of entertainment, it will drain your party money faster than their pitchers of Diet Coke. At the Dundee, you will find various odd and fun films to stimulate your brain. It is renowned around town for its midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Heading west on Dodge, you have the Westroads Mall, home to the RAVE Theater. Parking is easily negotiated and plenty of restaurants, like Brick House and P.F. Changs, are there to feed your face. Be ready to spend a nice chunk of change and be tempted with all sorts of shopping.

If you care to drive farther, you have the option of going east to downtown Omaha. On the plus side, you have reasonable exhibits such as art studios, various places to shop and a park where you can sit down and relax to the sound of  running water.

Further west, you have Village Pointe. For those where money is not a problem, it is a paradise to escape to for awhile with a movie, ice cream or visit the legendary Funnybone Comedy Club.

Those looking for a more rugged adventure can cross the river into Council Bluffs, where the gas prices are 10 cents cheaper. Lake Manawa provides a nice hike as well as bike trails. For a nice view of Omaha, seek out the Lewis and Clark trail. For the economically-minded, a picnic over the view of the lake makes for excellent recreation, though in the winter, only hiking seems to be in style. Ice fishing is permitted when the ice is thick enough.

The journey you choose is your own. Have fun!