What would Batman do?


By Travis Wood, Contributor

Batman is arguably the greatest superhero ever conceived. He doesn’t have to fly around or use laser vision to get the job done. With his genius brain and his deadly martial arts skills, Batman is a force to be reckoned with. It might sound like I have a man-crush on him (okay, you got me), but he’s my favorite superhero for a good reason.
Essentially, Batman is someone who can do anything he puts his mind to, and if we took a page out of his book, we could do the same. Granted, he’s only a work of fiction. He’s designed to triumph over evil no matter the situation, but there are still morals to be found, just like in any story. If we look beyond the pure entertainment value, it’s possible to find many life lessons within the Batman lore.

Lesson #1: Batman is always prepared. He’s able to think on his feet, which is a skill many of us have to use in the “real world.” What happens if the source you need to interview is sick with the stomach flu? Always have three solutions to any problem at your disposal. Batman would, and just like Batman, we need to adapt. However, if you have a utility belt lying around, it probably wouldn’t hurt to use it. You never know when a grappling hook might come in handy.

Lesson #2: Whether he’s out fighting crime or romping around as playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne, Batman doesn’t care what people think about him. This is a trait everyone can put to good use, but obviously, not to the same extreme. You have to care what people think to some degree in order to get by in life.
For example, you need to present yourself well in a job interview. But today, people worry too much about what other people think to the point where they are constantly consumed by it. I realize we all have embarrassing moments that can leave our bat-capes in a bunch, but sometimes we just need to calm down and think about how Batman would handle the situation. Batman would carry on and not let it ruin his day.

Lesson #3: Never go it alone. Even the grumpy, brooding, independent Batman knows when he needs help. He has Alfred, Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl to help him when Gotham is in peril. Never be afraid to ask for help, or at the very least, never turn down help when it is offered to you. Your friends and family, and sometimes strangers, can offer more help than you initially realize. I know I wouldn’t have made it far without the people in my life. Batman and his entourage also prove family isn’t just about blood relation. Like Batman, my friends are essentially my second family. It’s important to hold those around you close to your heart.

Lesson #4: This lesson is the most important one. Batman took a terrible tragedy (the death of his parents) and turned it into something righteous. It motivates him to fight crime for the good of the people. I’m not telling everyone to go out and fight crime, but everyone has the potential to turn any negative situation into a positive. Too often, we give up when we’re faced with a challenge that has knocked us down. We don’t step back to see the good that can be found in just about everything. Life is more beautiful than we sometimes give it credit.

Lesson #5: Never be afraid to knock someone’s face in while wearing a pointy-eared ski mask. Kidding, I promise.

Sure, Batman has a few undesirable characteristics too, like fear of commitment and mental instability issues… but just ignore those. He has plenty of other redeeming qualities. After all, Batman isn’t just a man behind a mask; he’s a symbol made to inspire people to rise above the challenge.
So let Batman inspire you to become a better person, and the next time you’re feeling down, ask yourself, “What would Batman do?”