Weber uses her gift to celebrate couples’ commitment to love


Written by Katie Peers

Karen Weber started singing at weddings while in college as a way to earn extra cash by doing what she loved.
Weber’s abilities to sing in her early 20s led her to be apart of Soli Deo Gloria Cantorum, Nebraska’s Professional Choral, which was put together by Almeda and Jackson Berkey, artists of Mannheim Steamroller.
Weber, a lecturer in the School of Communications and faculty adviser for Maverick PR, can sing anything from contemporary to classical and even county. Couple her ability to sing a variety of styles and the need for wedding singers – and Weber finds herself in demand.
Before every ceremony, Weber said she likes to meet with the couple to discuss their choice for songs. She will sing snippets for the couple to give them an idea of what she sounds like.
Although Weber is paid to sing at weddings, as she gets older her appreciation for the entire ceremony grows.
“I feel honored, and I give it my best. It’s a gift. The gift of song helps celebrate the commitment.”
Weber said she is careful about the dynamics and pronunciation of each word, because she believes each one has important value to the couple. Because she is so deliberate with her words and sounds, Weber said she rehearses every song before the ceremony, even if she has previously sung it many times.
Even after being a wedding singer for many years, she has not lost her interest. “It’s a lot of fun, and it can be a natural high. You add to the joy of the ceremony. I never want to be the star, but I like to be a fine accessory.”