VIDEO: Pacific Construction


Avery Wenck

Students and faculty at the University of Nebraska at Omaha have been clamoring for more parking for years and it seems like they may have finally got their wish.

UNO has begun work on a new six-floor parking structure across from PKI that will help alleviate parking issues on Dodge Campus.

Along with the parking garage, ground has now broken on a new student dormitory and academic center off 67th & Pine streets. The building will be a square with an open courtyard in the middle, similar to Central High School. The new building will replace Scott Hall’s parking lot, which concerns current residents who will now have to park across Pine street.

That is not the only concern students have, there are concerns about how 67th street will handle all of the traffic this six-story garage will bring. With it only being one lane, the added cars could cause an extreme jam of traffic. Mackenzie Riesselman, a student at UNO, shares these concerns.

“I think there could definitely be an issue with the added amount of cars,” Riesselman said. “I think everyone is glad that they are adding more parking but I’m just not sure that 67th has the capacity to handle all of the added traffic when there are already jams throughout the day as it is.”

Despite these concerns, there seems to be a buzz around campus with the universities continuous commitment to growth and expansion and these two projects are just another example of that.