VIDEO: See why people were laughing at the Omaha Film Festival


Alex Alber
The Omaha News

Last weekend, the Omaha Film Festival arrived but something was a little different this year. The Off Academy is a new workshop that allows kids to get involved in the fine arts by getting them into workshops at the Omaha Funny Bone with Screenwriters, actors and production managers.

The workshop and events goal is to get kids in low-income houses and families the opportunity to learn from people who are in the business. Many of the students don’t come from a great home life, the workshops give them a chance to have a great experience while their own fine arts programs are getting cut.

Elizabeth Zellner, Off Academy Coordinator says that all that matters is that the kids take something from the workshops.

“We don’t know how what part of that will inspire these kids, but it will. If it can help them get through something, that’s all that matters,” says Zellner

Zellner wrote many grants leading up the event. She received a few to help for all the kids; she made the workshops run on 5,000 dollars. Many of the kids there were given money so they workshop was totally free.
Zellner says that there are three things are the main goals of the Off Academy: Education, entertainment but most importantly inspiration. Zellner says it might sound cliché but they still believe there are good people in the world and they feel like they can make a difference.