VIDEO: MECA hopes to expand its staff for this summer


Justin Idelman
The Omaha News

MECA is a non-profit organization that builds and manages public event venues in Omaha. The Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority is responsible for making the events run smoothly.

With a busy schedule this summer at the Century Link and TD Ameritrade park, MECA is looking to expand its staff in order to be ready for the huge crowds.

Director of Communications for MECA, Kristi Andersen says they need quite the amount of new employees in multiple areas.

“We need an additional two hundred and fifty people for seasonal jobs, like event staff, ushers, ticket takers, and crowd managers.”

For some potential employees, they would find it exciting to work the events this summer.

Applicant Larry Summers says he would be excited to work the up coming events at TD Ameritrade, and the Century Link Center.

“ The College World Series is always cool, and the swimming trials are also pretty cool. Its an appealing thing.”

MECA is still finishing the hiring process, and they are hopeful to have a completed staff by summer.