UNO’s CRANE helps student parents with diaper duty


McKenzy Parsons

Diaper duty! It’s that time, and I don’t mean changing poopy diapers. Caring Resourceful and Nurturing Environment (CRANE) is hosting a diaper drive from Monday, Oct. 29 through Friday Nov. 2.

CRANE is a student organization and a support group for UNO student parents-to-be and parents. The diaper drive will help UNO students who are already parents or have one on the way. The rest of the proceeds will be taken to the Stephen Center.

CRANE is looking for diapers sizes newborn through six, pull-ups for toddlers, wipes, and diaper creams. You can drop items off at:

  • Hayden House: Project Achieve, 3rd floor
  • H&K room 207
  • Milo Bail Student Center (MBSC): Multicultural Affairs Office, room 112
  • Mammel Hall room 217
  • Arts and Science Hall room 184.

There will also be raffles going on at MBSC from Tuesday Oct. 30 through Thursday Nov. 1 from noon to 2 p.m.

Public Health major, Serena Moore, is hosting the event, and she is all for the organization.

“I am a mother in college, so I know it can be challenging,” Moore said. “But CRANE strives to help pregnant (women) and student parents in college succeed.”

The holiday season can be challenging for young parents, who have to pay for their children, as well as gifts and events. Moore said giving families these diapers could help them save money for bills, food, or other expenses that come along with having a child.

“CRANE would like to relieve some stress for the upcoming months,” Moore said.

Residents at the Stephen Center, an Omaha homeless shelter, are also in need during the holiday and winter months. Moore and some classmates volunteered there and want to help.

“CRANE not only wants to help pregnant and parenting students at UNO, but show our support to other pregnant moms and parents who could use the support in our community,” Moore said.

Mother-to-be and sophomore, Anne Johnson, had never heard of CRANE before, but she is now excited that there is support for her on campus.

“It is so great to know that I have not only the support I need from my family and friends, but also from my school to help me get through the next couple years,” Johnson said.

With her due date approaching fast in November, Johnson will not be alone in her journey through pregnancy and motherhood because of the kind faces at CRANE.

“I am going to go check them out and probably meet some great people,” Johnson said.

Johnson believes the diaper drive is a great idea because Christmas is fast approaching, and people need a little bit more cash to buy food or presents for the holidays.

“Everyone needs help at some point,” Johnson said. so “I will definitely be donating to the diaper drive.”