UNOmaha app saves students time on campus

Screenshots of the UNOmaha app.

McKenzy Parsons

University of Nebraska at Omaha students poured into campus along with the rain Aug. 20––some went to class completely soaked, but others were able to avoid the rain by using the UNOmaha app.

Chloe Ray, a UNO freshman, used the UNOmaha app to track the shuttle buses. The app gives students an approximate arrival time for the next shuttle and shows a map with the shuttles moving on it.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha launched the app during the 2018 fall semester. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

“I’ve tried to create my morning schedule around it, so I can maximize my time at my dorm,” Ray said.

The UNOmaha app is new to campus, so it has some kinks to work out.

“Sometimes shuttles will randomly stop and never show up to the stop even though it says it plans to arrive at a certain time,” Ray said.

In addition to shuttle tracking, the app has directions to every building on campus and lists what happens in each building. On the app’s homepage, there is a welcome guide and a “ways to get to campus” guide. There is a page for mental health screenings, student safety, campus news and events. Students can also access MavLINK and Canvas through it.

UNO senior Elizabeth Gaddie was excited when she heard the app hosts multiple UNO sites.

“Instead of having all of these different apps for Canvas and such, I now have them all in one handy-dandy app,” she said. “If I ever forget my MavCard, no worries, because there is a scannable MavCard on the app where you login with your email.”

Gaddie hopes the app will cut down the time needed to search for parking in the future.

“If parking services can figure it out, the UNOmaha app can eventually tell students what lots are full and possibly where there are open parking spots,” Gaddie said. “This could cut down on time it takes students’ to get to class, and it would make everyone a lot happier.”

The UNOmaha app is an essential for the new semester. It makes students’ lives easier by providing them with news, shuttle tracking, building locations, discounts and social media feeds.

“This app has the potential to help the UNO students live their college lives to the fullest,” Gaddie said.