UNO receives largest grant in university history


By Tressa Eckermann, Contributor

The University of Nebraska at Omaha recently was awarded the largest grant in university history. The $10.1 million grant was given by the National Institutes of Health, making UNO the world’s first designated home for Research in Human Movement Variability.
This will help UNO become a frontrunner in a rapidly evolving field of groundbreaking scientific research.
The new research center, housed in the Biomechanics Research Building, will enhance the work of UNO’s biomechanical researchers in developing new treatments for patients who have movement affecting disorders.
“Receiving this award means that the federal government considers UNO a research institution with doctoral level education that can produce excellent biomedical research,” Director of the Biomechanics Research Building Dr. Nick Stergiou said.
According to a press release issued by the university, specific research will address wide ranging disorders, including autism, peripheral arterial disease and stroke. There will be specific research that addresses how bodies control and adjust movement patterns.
Funding will be spread out over five years and part of the grant will see UNO researchers partnering with scientists and doctors from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
The funding will also allow UNO to hire several new faculty members, upgrade equipment and assist in recruitment of top graduate and undergraduate student candidates who wish to study biomechanics at UNO.