UNO named military friendly for fourth consecutive year


By Nicholas Sauma, Reporter


UNO being named military friendly has and will remain a true honor “As a veteran myself this is extremely important to me,” said Jen Carroll of the MaV USO office.

G.I.Jobs website lists the top 15% military friendly schools each year.  The two biggest criteria considered are nonfinancial means of accommodation including access to flexible schedules and transfer of academic grades, as well as the availability for tuition assistance programs and other aid supplements.   Here on campus, the MaV USO office is the primary means of accomplishing these goals.

UNO has over 1000 military students, and the MaV USO office helps process their veteran benefits, provides work study jobs, and facilitates classes for those that cannot attend as traditional students. UNO offers classes at the Offutt Air Force base, as well as numerous online classes, so that military students and families can receive their education as they perform their duties overseas.  They also try to provide as many scholarships and work study positions as possible.

At Offutt Air Force Base, “They (UNO) offer a variety of courses on base and scholarship assistance to cover a variety of costs not outlined by the Active Duty Tuition Assistance Program, online, as well as on campus,” said Lew Valentine, chief of the education and training section at Offutt. Each of the Armed Services establishes tuition assistance rates. A Tuition Assistance (TA) document from the appropriate service may be submitted for payment of enrollment at UNO. The student is responsible for paying the portion of tuition not covered by the TA, and submission of the TA document signifies that the student accepts liability for payment of the tuition not covered. UNO processes the TA document to pay for the covered amount. Even 100% tuition assistance might not pay all of UNO fees some are not covered. 

The Veterans Office at UNO will grant you an extension to pay your remaining tuition if you visit in person and show your military ID card. Phone calls, emails, and faxes will not be accepted.

“Having academic institutions that work them…provides a peace of mind to students that allows them to perform their military duties and accomplish academic goals,” Valentine said. 

MaV USO helps expand these programs, and also tries to transfer as much military credits to campus colleges as possible.

“Veteran students come with much different life experiences and stresses,” said Ed Licht of the Omaha Vet Center.  The center is starting a veteran support group at UNO, headed by Daniel Northam, to help address the strains of combining school, duty, and financial burdens.  Details should be available soon, but Northam can be contacted for more information at (402)-346-6735.  

The MaV USO office works hard to provide the same support, “Our office has a lounge area for our students to hang out at,” Carroll said. 

UNO’s military friendly rating shows no sign of evaporating.The MaV USO office, Omaha Vet Center, and Offutt Air Force Base combine programs and resources to advocate and accommodate veterans here at UNO and throughout Omaha.  

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