UNO launches direct deposit and refund check programs

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Madeline Miller

Many students have a difficult time navigating UNO’s payment system. There’s the worry about receiving and cashing a refund check in time, and wondering how to pay off tuition and fees, but there are many options to put students’ minds at ease.

For many students receiving refund checks from the university, there is another option. Direct deposit allows students to forego the process of receiving their checks in the mail, cashing the check, and dealing with any problems that may have occurred in the meantime.

“Setting up direct deposit has always been available through MavLink, but we really want to make sure students are aware,” Peaches James-Keaton of the Office of Financial Support and Scholarships for UNO said. “It is a great benefit for students.”

Setting up a direct deposit will save students time and get them their refunds faster and easier. It prevents delays such as checks getting lost in the mail.

Although direct deposit makes refunds easier, students still need to be careful linking their account information. Just one wrong number can “delay a student’s refund even further,” James-Keaton said.

One beneficiary of the direct deposit is Alora Clipp, a sophomore at UNO. “I didn’t do it last year be-cause I didn’t have a bank account yet,” Clipp said, “but I’m doing it this year and it’s nice not to have to worry about going to the bank to cash [the check].”

Clipp also said that having the money directly deposited into her account felt much more secure than receiving a check in the mail. While online banking makes it possible to deposit a check online, Clipp said it is easier not to have a physical check and have to decide how to dispose of it safely.
Another way to make dealing with school finances easier is to enroll in the University’s new Maverick Payment Plan through Telnet.

“The plan allows a student to break out their tuition and fees balance into three installments without any penalty,” James-Keaton said.

This makes it much more manageable for the student than paying the full balance all at once as is traditionally expected, and it takes a great deal of stress out of paying for school. Payments are automatically taken from the bank account used to set up the plan, and students do not incur late fees or holds on their accounts.

This payment plan will be open for students to opt in from Aug. 29 through the tuition due date Sept. 23. Students will have to enroll in a new plan each semester to take advantage, but it will still make paying tuition and fees much more obtainable for many people, especially those who receive little to no financial aid.

At this time, housing charges are not able to be included in the Maverick Payment Plans, and students should contact their housing office to explore payment options for housing costs.

“We hope that students take advantage of these options,” James-Keaton said. “We want them to make them part of handling their tuition and fees account easier.”