UNO Bookstore and HPER team up for student discount

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Tierra Sharae

The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Wellness Center and bookstore have teamed up to help students stay healthy and save money.

By attending four group exercise classes at the Wellness Center, students can receive a 25 percent discount on any single item at the UNO Bookstore.

In an effort to better serve the UNO community, Strength and Fitness Programs Assistant Director Skyler Brooke and Amber Dib united the Wellness Center and bookstore in a first-time collaboration.

“It really stemmed from making sure we’re offering stuff that students need and want,” Dib said.

Dib said what started the conversation was a desire to ensure the bookstore carried the fitness equipment necessary for student to be successful in their workouts.

This blossomed into a partnership designed to help further benefit the student body.

Some students are unaware that the Wellness Center offers group exercise classes, and many others sidestep the bookstore with the misconceptions that it sells only books or other items.

Thus, the partnership raises awareness about the frequently unknown or overlooked benefits of both organizations.

Most classes are free to UNO students, and the process is simple and seamless.

“Just show up, fill out a waiver and complete the class,” Brooke said. “The instructor stays around after class to punch cards.”

The convenience allows the community to attend classes taught by friendly, qualified instructors and see results without having to create a complex workout plan or purchase a pricey gym membership.

“The setup is not intimidating at all, which is really important, especially for people who don’t work out often,” UNO student Sara Smith said.

Brooke describes the deal as a win-win situation that satisfies two of the eight dimensions of wellness: physical and financial.

In addition to attending classes free of charge, students can browse the bookstore more freely upon earning their fourth punch and receiving their discount.

Although launched only a few weeks ago, the partnership has been wildly successful so far.

Some classes at the Wellness Center, such as Butts and Guts, are over-flowing, and more than 600 cards have been punched with several students already redeeming their discount at the bookstore.

“It’s really nice to be rewarded for trying to improve your life,” Smith said of the partnership.

The Wellness Center offers a vast array of classes including yoga,cycling, zumba and high-intensity interval training. All located in the Health, Physical Education, & Recreation building, these classes vary from burning fat and building muscle to balancing the mind and body to incorporating dance and cardio.

Despite its name, the bookstore is equally diverse. There, you can find unique home décor, savory snacks, practical school and office supplies, durable drinkware and a sea of apparel.

Although very different, UNO’s Wellness Center and bookstore have one mission in common: meeting the needs of the students and adapting to do so as effectively as possible.

You can obtain a punch card from either the bookstore or HPER or download it from the UNO website.

The discount excludes computer hardware and books.