Two Joslyn exhibits to keep art buffs happy


By Derek Munyon
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Kon Trubkovich exhibit

Born in Moscow in 1979, but moving to America by the age of eleven, Kon Trubkovich has a unique style. His mixed media works offer an isolated, disassociated and surreal view of the Cold War.

Moving to the U.S. at such a young age, Trubkovich has stated that he doesn’t remember much of the country that he was born in, a country that, in many ways, no longer exists. You can feel that sense of removal in his work. He features dark, blurred images of landscapes, buildings and people that feel like overexposed, scarred film prints.


He also takes VHS images of U.S. and Soviet leaders, friends and self-portraits, and paints them. The distortions and recreation of video disintegration in his work represents the fragility of memory over time.

One great work is titled “My soul doesn’t have one grey hair,” which depicts a glitched out, color saturated still image of Ronald Reagan during his Brandenberg Gate speech. It’s a super realistic oil on canvas recreation of a paused VHS frame.

Some of the works on display at the Joslyn make up a project that Trubkovich began in 2011 that features 24 paintings featuring his mother and 24 featuring Reagan. The photos are all artistic recreations of one second of video footage.

The Trubkovich exhibit opened on June 20 and will run through Oct. 11, so get to the exhibit and see this interesting take on memory before it’s gone.

My Friend Eric Rohmann exhibit


Children’s book author and illustrator Eric Rohmann brings his whimsical paintings and prints to the Joslyn. Rohmann won the Caldecott Medal for his children’s book “My Friend Rabbit.” The illustrations for that book, along with 10 other book illustrations and 70 other finished pieces, will be featured.

Rohmann was born in Riverside, Illinois and has a Masters in studio art from Illinois State University and a Masters in printmaking from Arizona State University. The exhibit will run from Aug. 29 to Jan. 3, admission is free.