Trump’s administration is out of touch with birth control needs

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Kaylee Pierce

President Donald Trump has allowed more employers to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to their employees. With the two new rules in place, employers can become exempt from covering the cost of birth control under the Affordable Care Act.

Most over-the-counter medication you buy costs a lot with or without insurance. The bottom line is that someone pays for it whether it is you, your insurer or your workplace offering a special deal. Not everyone has or can afford insurance to help cover some of the costs of necessary medicines.

With full-time workers, most employers offer special benefits, some of which are insurance or special ways to pay for medical services or needs. Providing birth control to employees was a great step to helping women with their health and safety. Like all medicines, birth control can cost money you may not have. It isn’t healthy to start and stop the medicine repeatedly while on it because you simply can’t afford it.

However, birth control isn’t only a preventative measure, it can also help women with their hormones. Women must deal with the pesky hormones estrogen and progesterone. These can make women incredibly irritable one day and furious the next. When hormones are unbalanced, women can experience physical side effects like dry mouth and hot flashes and emotional side effects including mood swings and general feelings of tiredness and lack of energy.

Birth control is a necessary implement to the lives of many women. It keeps them balanced and well. If there ever is a slip-up, having birth control can be a great relief to many women. Some families realistically can’t afford to have a child. So, having access to this medicine is crucial to many. For some families living paycheck to paycheck, an optional medicine isn’t in the budget.

Opting out of giving women birth control at no cost is a wrong decision. If it stops being offered, the health of many women will decline. The limited access of it will stop many women from seeking this and it won’t be a good decision for them. Hopefully, employers will keep providing no-cost birth control.