Trump’s attacks on the press

Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore

Madeline Miller

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, President Donald Trump has once again been offended by a news organization. This time the alleged “fake news,” spread by NBC, has reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had a falling out with the commander in chief back in July and called him a “moron.” Apparently, Vice President Mike Pence had to talk him down from resigning after Trump gave a political rant as a speech at the National Scout jamboree. More explicit words were used in addition, but that is most of it.

In response to this story, Trump has, unsurprisingly, thrown another tantrum. He has even called to revoke NBC’s “license.” This kind of childish thinking is, quite frankly, moronic.

NBC does not have a license, and the licenses held by its local affiliates are not easily removed, for this exact reason.

Freedom of the press is an important part of the American system. The purpose of the press is to act as watchdogs for those in power. It keeps the people informed and keeps the government in line. Recently, that has not been easy.

The president of the United States cannot just go on a rampage every time a reporter says something he does not like, especially if it is true.

Tillerson carefully avoided denying the name calling rumors when asked. Several other news sources confirmed the story but Trump still attacked NBC.

“The relationship between news outlets and the president isn’t always cheerful,” UNO communication instructor Donald Bowen said. “But President Trump has been overly combative toward news outlets that publish or broadcast information that he doesn’t like.”

“At times, it’s even seemed like he was inciting his supporters to be violent against reporters,” Bowen said. “That’s unprecedented.” Trump’s comments reveal yet again his unwavering immaturity. Any adult should be able to take criticism in stride, but the article did not even directly criticize Trump. It simply reported what a member of his inner circle had said about him. His delusions of absolute power over everything—the media, his confidants, North Korea, etc.—are exactly what make him so dangerous in a position of power. His ridiculous statements and ill-conceived threats are what make people forget that danger.

Behind that hokey wig and the fake bake is a dangerously unhinged man-child that will throw a tantrum if he does not get what he wants when he wants it. That kind of person should not be in control of a restaurant franchise, let alone a world superpower with a world superpower’s military.

He cannot be trusted to look after the nation. He will only look after himself. The world could burn for it. Never in history has a president so actively stomped on the good of their constituents.

Trump is on a mission to destroy everyone that looks at him sideways and NBC is just one of his targets. How successful he will be depends entirely on how much the people and the press let him get away with.