The unavoidable pains of classroom hunger


By Noelle Ashley, Contributor

The “always-on” mentality is a common pain which most, if not all, college students are familiar with. Between the struggle of graduating on time, getting involved in extracurricular activities for resume boosts, working part-time and the almost unfamiliar sleep and social life maintenance, there’s hardly enough time to breath throughout the day.

Rushing from one activity to the next is excruciatingly tiresome, but by sophomore year, most of us have become wizards at doing so. Let me set up a scenario that may seem similar to you:

It’s 3 p.m. and you’re hitting that mid-day block. You start to wonder how you’ve made it this far when your stomach chimes in for a not-so-subtle reminder. Here it comes, that incredibly audible grumble from the pit of your stomach.You’ve been so heavily focused on making it to class on-time and ensuring every assignment was printed, you forgot to grab some grub.

Don’t fret, it’s happened to all of us. As sitting down for a peaceful breakfast or lunch before classes and work has sadly been removed from our list of things to do during the day, students have learned to be creative.

For many of us, this leads to semi-polite crunching during class unless you want to risk crashing your car while attempting to get your nacho game on. Though we’re all aware this is a necessary deed in order to beat the 3 p.m. monster growling in our stomachs, it’s become quite ridiculous for some.

As I’m sure we all have our personal favorite stories of crazy mid-day“snacks” in-class, I have one personal favorite I never grow tired to tell. 
It began one semester in my third year at UNO in a 10 a.m. Inter personal Communication course. Not being quite the morning riser myself, I sometimes believe I could be hallucinating during these morning lectures due to lack of sleep mixed with insane amounts of caffeine. One day, in lecture during my mid-morning stupor, my eyes wandered to the hall. Before my eyes I spot a Jimmy John’s employee, wandering the halls with a lost face that might have you wondering if this guy just traveled through time unknowingly and ended upon a college campus; simply put, he definitely didn’t frequent UNO.
For a split second I thought I was just seeing things until one of myf ellow classmates interrupted the lecture with, “Did anyone else see that extremely lost Jimmy John’s employee just walk by?” This was obviously a sight for us all.
Our pressing schedules have dictated us to the point where we are calling our Jimmy John’s sandwiches directly to the classroom. Now that’s impressive. I tip my hat to the student who started that trend.
As distracting as these mid-day munchers in-class can be, they mustn’t be blamed. We need our fuel and as the saying goes, “You gotta do what you gotta do.”
Munch on, grumblers of UNO.