The “new” normal controversy in Utah


By Aaron Dickey, Assistant Copy Editor


What is so “new” about it?  The battle between homosexual rights and the heterosexual agenda is nothing short of exasperatingly overdramatized. The constant disillusioned sycophants out in “Mormonized” Utah, who constantly vociferate the notion that homosexuals are somehow inherently evil or sinful, are a little misinformed. The proselytizing tactics of the Mormon religion in Utah is nothing new, we have gotten used to the constant and outright bashing ensued by the Mormon church.  They are the ones showcasing intolerance and plaguing the youth with ideas of good and bad.  

Besides being an affiliate of NBC, the Utah station still has rules and guidelines of which to adhere. They can’t just decide what to air and what not to air based on religious volition, super-imposing values and morals onto an entire state without so much as consideration for the other people who may not feel or subscribe to linear thinking or religious pretext. Not everyone in the state of Utah thinks the way this franchise owner does, and last time I checked; an individual who tells a nation how to think and what to believe in was called a dictator.  

As homosexuality becomes more prevalent in our society hit shows like “Glee ” help to perpetuate tolerance and acceptance.   The cliché answer “oh its just a phase” normally  given by parents around the time a gay teen enters high school, is not broadcasted as a standard answer where parents start espousing the terms “phase”, or “he/she will come out of it.”  

In the gay community when you set your sights a little higher, such as marriage and children, society feels it necessary to devalue the person and consider him/her as a pariah, an outcast upon society from whence they came never to return.  Being a gay male, I am faced with this kind of adversity everyday. My straight friends are supportive, which is a blessing, but none of them truly understand the importance of our fight. 

The allies associated with the gay and lesbian communities are of special importance because it is more bodies and minds joined together in the fight for equality. “The New Normal” is comedic in nature, making light of a situation often times seen as taboo or untouchable.  However, the show does give in to the stereotypes of the “butch-femme” aspect of traditional marriage, wherein one male is more masculine; taking on the role of the “man” and the other, effeminate male taking on the role of the “female.” 

In “The New Normal” an affixed depiction, though not a challenging one, emerges as a symbol of the new idea present in the gay community. Though it may not speak for all gay couples, those who try to demonize the gay community are those who don’t fully understand the precipice of equality.   

The aim of “The New Normal” is to convey in such a way the idea of normalcy seen through the lens of the gay community.  No matter if it is two men or two women, a family should not be defined by the people who choose to raise children, but moreso on the morals and values enculturated within the child. 

I can say with a 100 percent certainty children raised by two men or two women are not more or less likely to be gay themselves, rather they are likely to have a better sense of tolerance and advocacy. 

At one point in time, a black man marrying a white woman or vice versa was also an abomination.  I am not saying that this situation is in anyway the same thing, but the ignorance behind the mind set resonates as being the same used against homo sexual copules as what was used against inter-racial couples in the early 60s.  

The concept of gay marriage from a gay person’s perspective is biased because after all that is what I want out of life. I want to be able to marry freely without fear of someone telling me that I am not allowed to love the person I choose to love because it goes against the Bible? That is, after all, what this whole debate is about, is it not? The station owner feels, albeit that is his right, that homosexuality is wrong and should not be displayed in such a lascivious matter, however, upon viewing the pilot and subsequent episodes, that is not the case here.  

The chemistry between the actors is not salacious or sexually charged in any way, which debunks the stereotype that all gay men are promiscuous, thus evening the playing field so to speak that some of us in the community are very capable of raising children without an outlandish lifestyle, but quite the opposite, dare I say “traditional” in nature. 

 I think the premise set out by “The New Normal” is to enlighten the public on the subject of normalcy, noting that gay couples are just as “normal” as any other couple who truly love each other and want to have a family.  

Playing devils advocate for a moment, people say they worry about the kids.  That “those kinds” of depictions will set a bad example for kids, not to mention they will get bullied even more for having two parents who are the same sex.  Newsflash, not sure if anyone was aware of this but even in straight marriages, kids have problems.  Kids will be kids, all kids make fun of other kids.  So to use this excuse to justify your prejudice is both asinine and a little outdated. 

Hate starts at home , simple as that.  

The ludicrous nature of the Utah ban on this show is in part no surprise, but really what do they gain from doing so? They certainly don’t get respect, admiration or even kickback from the company. This show’s plight to promote tolerance and acceptance within a society is commendable, it needs to be given the opportunity to do so.