The 5 most overrated things people say you need for college


For years, your life was pretty much taken care of by mom, dad or some caring person in your life.

Well, most of that is over or at least expected to be.

To help you better navigate through this new sense or freedom (ahem, responsibility), here are a few items you can totally overlook because they only add clutter in your life.

Here are five of the most overrated things in college…

School Supplies

The days of physical note taking are going extinct. Focus on obtaining a computer and reliable office programs. Avoid overloading up on tons of notebooks, folders and trapper keepers.

Xbox/Play Station

Although nice to have on occasions, a gaming system — such as an Xbox or Play Station — will either serve as an excuse not to go out and meet new people or it will sit and collect dust as a valued item.

Junk Food

Avoid spending money on the snacks and junk food you’re used to having at home. Eat large meals and avoid the “Freshman 15.”


Having a dorm creature sounds fun, but the upkeep and cost outweigh the enjoyment. Visit an animal shelter with friends to fill the void.

Expensive Backpacks

You should never be lugging around more than three books, invest in a quality case for a laptop or iPad.

– Compiled by Nick Beaulieu.

(Editor’s Note: A version of this story was originally published on August 12, 2014)


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