Team Behind the Scenes: Anderson, Brady allow UNO Athletics to thrive

Photo Courtesy of UNO Atheltics
Photo Courtesy of UNO Atheltics
Kailea Ewoldt
“I know Ethan and Kevin actually,” said Emily Michaels. “I know Ethan, because I sang the national anthem for athletic events and Kevin gets the field ready for all our games.”
Michaels is a junior at UNO from Olathe, Kansas, and is on the women’s soccer team at UNO. Players and coaches are familiar with Ethan Anderson and Kevin Brady. While athletes and their coaches may get the recognition at a Division I school, none would be possible without the behind-the-scenes efforts of Anderson and Brady.
From scheduling hockey games three years in advance, to scheduling concession stand workers, Anderson and Brady are always on the go.
UNO has been a part of Anderson’s life since 1997. He attended college at UNO and played baseball. After graduating, Anderson volunteered at UNO, running the scoreboard as well as helping out in the Media Relations department. Anderson’s father was the media relations director for 30 years at UNO, so Anderson was well-rehearsed on the way things were done. In 2009, the events manager position was created and Anderson landed the job.
Brady received his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona and his graduate degree from Saint Mary’s College of California. He then interned at Creighton University. Brady has been at UNO for two years and was hired for his expertise in scheduling and event planning, Anderson said.
Brady said that UNO staffs 90 to 100 full- and part-timers, including the staff at the Baxter Arena. “This time of year, we are working 70-hour weeks,” Anderson said. Fall is a hectic time for the two.
They handle the scheduling for UNO at the Baxter Arena, the maintenance of the baseball and softball fields, the tournaments and the college fairs. If something is going on at UNO in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building or other athletic facilities, Brady and Anderson are behind it.
Scheduling is more than making a time for a game or event. “There is a lot more that goes into it,” Anderson said.
This means scheduling parking, security and concession stand workers, and working with the
NCAA on scheduling referees and games.
At times, scheduling conflicts arise for teams that practice outdoors. The two said they have to look at the weather in advance and try their best to accommodate these teams.
Converting from a Division II school to a Division I school in 2011 came easy for the two. Rules are rules, they said. Anderson and Brady said working for a Division II school set them up for an easy transition to the next level.
The two must be doing something right. UNO received the Sportsmanship Award from the NCAA, which is a reflection on the management side.
The two said they work well together. “We couldn’t do it without each other,” Anderson said.