Students move-in begins college experience


By Michael Wunder, News Editor

Students moved into the dorms Aug. 14, marking an unofficial beginning to the new school year.

Bill Pickett, the director of University Housing, oversaw the move-in at Maverick and University villages and said they went well.

“From my perspective, the move-in went very smoothly,” Pickett said.  “The weather was fairly good and that always helps ease stress levels of parents and students.”

Pickett said traffic on campus seemed to be staggered as well, which simplified the process.

Maverick and University villages will house approximately 1,000 students this year, Pickett said.

Moving in is often a first-year college student’s introductory experience with college life.

“For a first-year student, moving into a residence hall can be very significant,” Pickett said.  “Many of them are leaving home for the first time and are dealing with homesickness, but also excitement.  Many have not shared a living room and/or kitchen or bathroom with other people so they will always have an adjustment period.  I think the freedom to make their own choices more independently will be a huge transition for them.”